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Exercise and Fitness Articles

15 Muscle Building Rules
15 rules you must know to build muscle, size, and strength.
3 Exercises for Building Muscle
Here are 3 key exercises that you must do to build muscle and strength.
5 Star Arm Workouts
The best workouts to help you build bigger biceps and triceps.
8 Sets of 8 (Part 1)  (Part 2)
Vince Gironda's radical training method for building massive muscles.
Abdominal Exercises
Best exercises to build your ab muscles and get six pack abs.
Bad to the Bone
To build and maintain strong muscles, you must strength your bones. Discover what you can do for stronger, healthier bones.
Bench Press Blast Off
Step-by-step method and techniques to massively increase your bench press.
Biceps Workout for Bigger Arms
A biceps workout routine to kick your arm building into high gear.
Build Bigger Biceps in 3 Steps
Follow these 3 steps to build bigger biceps.
Cardio Boxing for Fitness
Cardio boxing is one of the best total body workouts.
Proper Form for Bodybuilding
6 Keys of using proper form to maximize results.
Most Effective Ab Exercises
(Part 1) (Part 2)
Top 10 most effective abdominal exercises.
Powerful Leg Workout Routine
The best exercises to build massive legs.
How Young Can You Start Training?
At what age can a teenager start lifting weight and begin bodybuilding?
Weight Lifting for Kids
More discussion on when should kids start lifting weights and how to make it safe for them.
Workout Without a Gym
Great exercises you can do if you don't have access to a gym or weights.
30 Day Challenge
What can you accomplish in 30 days? How to make a great transformation in the next 30 days.
4 Week Plan to Increase Chin-Ups
Want to do more chin-ups? Here's a step-by-step, 4 week plan to increase your chinups.
6 Tips to Gain More Muscle
Guidelines for strength training that will massively increase your muscle size.
8 By 8 Training Routine
More 8 x 8 workout routines following Vince Gironda's training method.
Beach Body Abs
How to get your beach body abs with proper diet, cardio, and exercise.
Best Compound Exercises
Compound exercises are the best for muscle growth and development.
Bodybuilding Techniques
Key methods and techniques to help you get bigger and stronger.
Building a Stronger Core
7 Props that you can use to help you build a more solid and stronger core.
Should You Exercise While Sick?
Is it better to take some time off if you're sick?
Lose Fat and Build Muscle in 30 Days - How to maximize fat loss and muscle gain at the same time?
How to Pack on Muscle Fast
The key to building muscle mass and bulking up.
Stomach Vacuum For Flat Stomach
How to flatten and reduce your mid section with an effective method.
Top 7 Outdoor Exercises
7 Best exercises you can do outdoors without using any weights.
Why Your Calves Won't Grow?
Tips and techniques to get your stubborn calf muscles to grow.
Best Bodybuilding Program For Skinny Guys
Training Advice and workout program for skinny guys.