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The 30 Day Challenge

Copyright Lewis Wolk

What can you do in 30 days? Can you make dramatic changes in your body in a month? Can you increase your energy levels greatly in a little over 4 weeks? The answer depends on one major factor YOU!

For many readers of AtoZ fitness, the goal is increased muscle mass and decreased bodyfat. I am sure that a number of you have tried so many different routines that the thought of one more program has you pulling your hair out! Well, my fellow fitness enthusiasts, there is still hope for you. I have designed a specific program that will help you get in the best shape of your life in as little as 1 month. It’s titled:

How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 30 Days!

The program works only if YOU do!

In this program you will learn the following:

  • Which program to follow depending on your training level – does it make sense for a beginner to follow the same program that an advanced trainee would?
  • Why it’s important to have a 2-week recovery phase prior to starting the program – and what to do during the 14 days
  • The different types of stretches and when to do them for maximum benefit
    Preparatory work before beginning the program – the more of it you do – the better your results
  • Goal Setting – the 12 step system based as developed by Master Goal setter Brian Tracy
  • How to take your girth and body fat measurements – very important to know to track your progress throughout the program
  • Muscle imbalances/injuries – how they can hold back your progress and what to do about them
  • Determining your 1RM – why it’s important to do this and how it ties into your program
  • Motivating music – how you can pump yourself up for your workout
  • Affirmation tapes – how to use this incredibly powerful tool to re-program yourself for mind-blowing results!
  • Written goals – why it’s important to write them out regularly in the present tense as if you have already achieve them
  • Pre-workout prep. – what to do before you begin your training
  • Recovery methods – a list of things to do to help you recover between workouts
  • Sleep log – the importance of keeping one
  • Nutrition and diet – which diet is right for you? Read the article to find out
  • Food allergies and intolerances – how even so-called healthy foods can hinder your progress and what to do about them
  • Tips on keeping a food diary – an essential tool to ensure you stay on track
    The importance of incorporating organic food and exotic game meats into your daily diet
  • Supplements – what to take based on your level
  • Blood work – do you have any hormonal imbalances? Vitamin/mineral deficiencies? Here are the tests to take when visiting your physician
    2 types of program to choose from – program A – limited time and limited disposable income. Program B – “Balls to the Wall” approach – your life depended on getting into optimal shape and time and money are not an issue!

You may be saying to yourself “Ok George, I’m fired up! You’ve convinced me to try this out for the next 30 days. Where can I get this incredible, life-changing information?”

I’m glad you asked! You can find this and many other fantastic programs in the full All-Star Trainers eBook from AtoZFitness. Along with my detailed approach to muscle gain and fat loss, you will also get the secrets from such notable authorities: Tom Venuto, Pete Sisco, David Grisaffi, Jeremy Markhum, Phill Campbell and many others.

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The next 30 days will pass whether you do something about your life or not. Make the decision to commit yourself to one of the programs mentioned in All-Star Trainer eBook from AtoZFitness and achieve the body you have always dreamed of!