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Best Bodybuilding Program for Skinny Guys

Your Best Muscle Building Program For Skinny Guys

By Vince Delmonte

If you're someone who decides what muscle group they're going to train the moment they walk into the gym based on 'what feels good' that particular day, you're likely not seeing the results that you could be.

If you are seeing great results from this training strategy – perfect, don't change it.  But if you're looking for more – if you truly feel that you could stand to learn a thing or two on how to build muscle, then you're going to want to pay attention to the following information on the perfect muscle building program for beginners.

The following information on how to build muscle has come through years and years of trial and error on both myself and my own transformation, as well as on hundreds of clients that I've worked with. 

In addition to that, some of this training advice has also be gained through many hours spent analyzing research studies, so for you academic types out there, you'll be sure to get the information you need.

Let's look at the top tips that you must know when designing a muscle building program for skinny guys. Remember, each time you step into the gym it's an investment of your time and you should only be investing this time when your muscles can be trained to the max. If you're wasting your time trying to hit multiple body parts before the assisting muscles have not recovered, you're never allowing the body the chance to train to the absolute max.  Proper program design is essential if you're to see any results.

Here are the points to remember.

Train Big Muscle Groups and Then Small Muscle Groups Separate
If you want max results, hit the big muscle groups far away from small muscle groups.  You want to train arms on Monday in your muscle building program for skinny guys since this means they will be fresh when you hit chest, back, and shoulders later on in the week. 

In addition to this, by hitting bi's and tri's together, you get the added advantages of pairing up agonist and antagonist muscle groups together.

Legs Have Their Own Day
Since leg training is so intense, you must put them on their own day. Don’t pile them in with other muscle groups or you'll fatigue out way too early.  Since your arms can be as sore as they want on this day because they aren't involved in leg raining that works to your advantage here.

Plus, you'll have a massive appetite after leg training day so the volume of calories you eat will then compliment the arm workout you just finished.

Pair Chest and Shoulders
Think you can never pair chest and shoulders together? Think again! The chest and shoulders will actually overlap quite nicely since both are pressing movements and will work the anterior head of the shoulder.  Plus, your triceps are nice and fresh from the day off so you won't have to worry about them being fatigued.

Next Comes Your Back Blast Workout
The back workout you do is often almost as intense as the leg workout you'll perform, so it's important this gets its own day as well in your muscle building program for beginners.  You want your energy levels to be high and the biceps to be recovered.  Both of which will be accomplished placing this workout here.

Get Your Weekend Rest
This leaves you at the weekend, which must be used for maximum rest and recovery. If you want to come back to next week stronger than before, do nothing but rest, relax, and re-fuel here.  It will serve you well.

So your perfect training week for your muscle building program for beginners is:

Monday – Biceps and Triceps
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Chest, Shoulders, and Traps
Friday – Back
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

If you follow this and are sure to give it 110% of your effort each and every workout, you will never have to question again whether you're training properly.  You can rest assured you're on your way to results.

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