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Bodybuilding Program Without Using Weights

Muscle Building Programs Without Weights

By Vince Delmonte

If you're looking to challenge your fitness level and improve your body, performing muscle building programs without weights may be a good option for you.  Far too many people believe that a muscle building workout plan must involve the use of dumbbells, barbells, or weight machines, this however, is not necessarily the case.

Muscle building programs without weights are excellent for building that starting foundation to make some significant changes to your body and for also helping improve your speed, agility, and power.

If you're interested in muscle building at home, the following workout is going to be a very good option for you.  These five exercises will stimulate all the major muscle groups, test your muscular endurance, as well as improve your conditioning and mental toughness.

You'll want to focus on adding at least 1-2 reps to each exercise each workout you do to make sure you're continually seeing training gains.  Always pick the exercises that you're weakest on and perform them at the start of the workout when you're at your most fresh.

Here are the five exercises to add to your muscle building programs without weights.

To hit the chest hard, begin with some standard push-ups.  Be sure to keep the body in flat alignment so you don't place any stress on that lower back.  Press down as far as you can go so that the chest is almost touching the ground and then press up again to complete the rep.

If you can get to 50 of these in a row, you're doing great.

Next you'll hit up the pull-up station. If you're looking for a wide 'V' tapered look, this exercise will help get you there.  Be sure that you're fully extending throughout this workout as well and not shorting yourself of results.

If you can't go all the way down through the movement, get some assistance to start. You're better off having that assistance and moving through the entire exercise than cheating yourself and not having someone help you.

One Leg Squats
Think you must have weight to work the legs? Try this exercise.  Standing upright on top of a box, lift one leg off the ground and balancing on the standing leg, squat all the way down.  Be sure to maintain balance to get those core muscles stimulated.

Aim to perform fifty reps and then switch legs and repeat.

Chin Ups
Use a close grip with the palms facing inwards on these in order to really stimulate those biceps and get them to grow.  Be sure to also get that chin right up to the bar so that you're targeting every single muscle fiber in the body.

Finally, to finish off this one of our muscle building programs without weights you come to dips.   Always ensure that you're fully extending the elbow in these and bending down so that you reach the full 90 degree angle position with the arms.  Aim for fifty reps of these too if you can.

So there you have a perfect workout to help you with muscle building and challenge your body.  Aim to do it three times a week for best benefits and push yourself harder and harder with each workout you do.

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