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The Best Leg Exercises

Your Best Muscle Building Leg Exercises To Build A Solid Foundation

By Vince Delmonte

If you're like many guys in the gym, you have your chest workout planned, your back workout planned, your arm workout planned, and your shoulder workout all locked and loaded, ready to go.  But never, hardly ever do you hit your legs.

Why work legs, you think.  They barely get any notice from others and besides that, you hate doing leg workouts.  You'd rather just forget about them.

The problem is that never including muscle building leg exercises in your program means that you'll become incredibly unbalanced.  You're going to look just half developed and you won't have that solid foundation on which to base your other exercises on.  When you're strong in the lower body this is going to carry over to build strength in your upper body as well, allowing you to build muscle faster all over your entire body throughout the program.

Let's have a look at some important things you must know to develop powerful leg muscles that will look cut, strong, and complete your frame.

Use Supersets To Overload Your Muscles
One of the most effective methods to hit the legs is through supersets.  With a superset you're going to alternate between two different exercises without taking any rest in between.  Now, some people will superset muscle building leg exercises with muscle building shoulder exercises for example, but that's not what you want to do here.

Instead, pair two leg exercises back to back. One good example is the single leg curl with the Bulgarian split squat.  This will really hammer those legs hard and allow you to burn up lots of calories and control your body fat levels.

Split Your Leg Workouts Into A Quad Dominant Day And Hip Dominant Day
Second, the next thing that you can do to really challenge the legs is to split your workouts into a quad dominant day and a hip dominant day.  This breaks up the intensity and allows you to recover better throughout the workout week.   You also want to watch that you don't perform more quad dominant movements than hip dominant movements otherwise you're likely to suffer from a muscular imbalance.
The quad dominant movements include squat, leg press, lunge, leg extension, 1 leg squat, and step-ups, while the hip dominant movements involve the deadlift, the stiff leg deadlift, good mornings, leg curls, one leg deadlifts, and back extensions.

Always pair one to one for each leg workout you do.

Squat, Squat, And Then, Squat Some More
Of all the muscle building leg exercises to do, squats really top the list.  The squat has been said to pack on 10 pounds of muscle in beginners in just a few short months of training, so you can clearly see just how vital this exercise really is.

If you currently aren't squatting in your workout plan, start now.  It's a must.

Use The Super Squats Technique
Once you're comfortable with the squats, you may want to try out the super squat technique.  What this means is that you'll begin a brief warm-up and then a set of 20 squats with a moderate weight.  After each breath, take a few big breaths of air before proceeding to do the next rep.  You'll need it to make it through.

By the time you're at 15-20 reps, you'll be needing 3-5 breaths between each rep, after which you should rest for 3 minutes or so and stretch the muscles out. This intensity will really train the muscles hard.

Add Some Split Squats
Finally, don't ever neglect the split squats. These will hit the hamstrings as well as the glutes and quads, all while also testing your core strength and balancing abilities. If you want a challenge, these will definitely do it.

So there you have some of the top leg training tips that you must know in order to build a strong lower body.  Be sure that you have muscle building leg exercises in your program if you want to see maximum progress.

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