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Sports Supplements Articles

Amino Acids as Anabolic Activators
Amino acids make up protein, and are key for repairing and rebuilding muscle.
Great Protein Bars
Here are some protein bars that taste great with great nutritional value.
Altering Pain Signals for Better Performance
Devil's Claw is used to treat arthritis and it has been found to increase pain tolerance and reduce pain.
GTF: Insulin's Anabolic Trigger
Learn about the anabolic potential of chromium and about insulin's X-factor.
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Protein hydrate offers many health benefits. It is rapidly absorbed, reduces inflammation, improves joint flexibility, plus much more.
L-Norvaline and Arginine
L-arginine is key for various metabolic functions. L-norvaline enhances muscle strength and improves endurance.
HGH Story
A story of a 49 year old and his experience with using human growth hormone.
Vitamin C and E
Learn about the health benefits of these two key vitamins.
BCAA for Improving Performance
Scientific studies have found BCAA to enhance and up-regulate CNS processes. Learn more.
Bodybuilders and Protein
(Part 1) (Part 2)
Everything you need to know about protein consumption.
The Good and Bad Fats
What you need to know about fatty acids - the good & bad.
Are There Hormones in Whey?
In-depth discussion and analysis of whether there are hormones in whey supplements.
Hydroxycitric Acid
HCA comes from Garcinia Cambogia, which has great weight loss benefits. Read more... Includes clinical studies.
What is Oxytocin?
Learn about Oxytocin in detail, and find out what implications Oxytocin has for bodybuilding and weight loss.
Stimulate HGH Production
Discover the factors that can naturally stimulate your body's production of human growth hormone.
The Truth about Protein Bars
What to look for when you are picking a protein bar.