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My HGH Story using Human Growth Hormone

Copyright John Hardy

My name is John Hardy and I'm happy to share my experience with HGH, as boring as it may be! I'm 49 years old and in good shape. I eat well and exercise but am not fanatical. I don't smoke, and I drink two beers, twice a week. I'd rate my physical condition as B+/A-. I've always been health conscious and for thirty years I've taken some form of vitamin, mineral, or nutritional supplement. Before I started taking Human Growth Hormone I had spent the last two years completely off everything. All the pills I was popping seemed to cause my body chemistry to "shift," sometimes for the better and sometimes uncomfortably for the worse.

I discovered that my body, on nothing at all, seemed to do just fine. At 49 I was beginning to "feel my age" a bit, slowing down slightly, and generally losing some zip. When I heard about HGH it seemed to be the all purpose, front end, supplement that would trigger everything else in my system. Life is funny. You adapt. You never realize how much essence you've lost until you rediscover it!

Within the first two days of taking HGH I noticed an increase in the saliva in my mouth and the quality of my sleep was surprisingly better. Not that my sleep was bad to begin with, but I seemed to dream deeper and wake up very alert.

This is what happened in my first week of using HGH. My digestion was better. With certain foods I'd get a bit of acid reflux or heartburn. I wasn't having those reactions anymore.

My hands, arms, and my stomach area seemed to be "tighter" as if a thin layer of fat had been removed. My libido increased. Orgasms were longer and the slight soreness or ache that I normally felt afterwards was no longer present. Although I didn't feel like 21, I definitely didn't feel like 49 either! My nails, which already were in good shape, were growing even stronger. I hadn't noticed any change in my hair which is thin, not balding, and gray around my ears.

The only downsides I noticed with HGH was an occasional little pimple, not normal for me, that lasted a day or two and I just attributed that to some poisons being eliminated. I also had two days where I had soreness in one ankle and soreness in my hand through to my elbow. I don't know what either of those were, whether they were associated with the spray or just some other physical "charley horse," but they passed very quickly. I don't know if this is a downside, but normally my "sweet tooth" was satisfied very easily. My body doesn't process sugar very well, so a half a candy bar or half a bowl of ice cream would do me just fine. Now my body handles sugar quite well, too well, and I'm not so easily satisfied! I have to use mental discipline rather than physical limitations to put a stop to that situation.

At the end of the first month of using the HGH oral spray none of the initial changes I had experienced stopped. Digestion, libido, sleep were all very good. And although all this was nice I wasn't sure if such gentle changes would be worth a lifelong commitment. Just as I was cogitating this my sleep went through a drastic change. I've spent a lifetime taking naps every afternoon, not long ones, maybe 20 to 40 minutes. I loved those naps. They really refreshed me, like I was starting another new day. But I can't do them anymore! My eyes aren't closing at 4 PM. In fact, my eyes aren't closing at 11 PM like they used to either. I "force" myself to sleep at midnight and I "force" myself back to sleep at 6 AM because I'm now waking up an hour earlier than normal. I now have spaces of time that I need to find something to do with!

Unfortunately the Human Growth Hormone industry is large, unregulated, and full of unscrupulous characters. There are over 300 companies selling human growth hormone and we know of only 20-30 competent, legitimate, dealers. That gives the everyday consumer about an 85% chance of getting ripped off!

Many selling products called "hgh" obscure their ingredients because they contain no growth hormone. Some of these same people who know that homeopathic sprays are the "real deal" take their non human growth hormone containing pills, crush them up, liquify them, and put them in a spray bottle! Then there are some that actually do sell real human growth hormone in non-homeopathic form, over-the-counter, and are outright breaking the law by doing so. We never know what they are going to think of next! I apologize for the "underside" of the industry and hope that you can make your way safely through the mine fields.


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