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Shoulder Exercises

Muscle Building Shoulder Exercises To Boost Your Width

By Vince Delmonte

If you're like many guys interested in muscle building, you're especially interested in what you can do to increase the overall width of your body. If this is the case, performing the proper muscle building shoulder exercises will be vital.

Shoulder muscles are key to a strong foundation in the upper body and since they are composed of three separate 'heads' of the deltoid, you must be targeting each one individually if you want to see the absolute best results possible.

Far too many guys go into the gym and just hit them with one or two different exercises, never really changing the stimulus on them.  When this happens, that's when you hit the dreaded plateau and all your results will come to a halt.

If you want to maintain progress over time, you must utilize a variety of techniques that will continually challenge the muscles so they never get too adapted to one single thing.

Let's look at some of the best muscle building shoulder exercises and techniques that you should be using.

Use Alternating Side Raises
One technique to use for the shoulders is alternating side raises.  Traditionally you're always performing these together, which is fine, but eventually you're not going to be able to move the weight much and that's when you risk stalling your performance.

Instead, do one arm alternating lateral raises.  This forces the abs to contract that much harder while the shoulder muscles are being hit equally as hard. Always be sure when you're doing these that you really control the momentum use so that it's purely deltoid muscle power that's executing the movement.

Change The Angle
Another good technique to use to maximize your muscle building is to change the angle with which you are working at.  Remember, simple alterations like this can mean huge changes in results just because you're stimulating the muscles in a slightly different manner.

So with this technique, going back to our lateral raises, you could walk over to a squat rack and holding the end, lean outwards slightly so the body is on a diagonal.  From there, you simply raise the weight out to the side like a normal dumbbell lateral raise, but since you're on this angle, the stress pattern is completely different.

Extend The Range Of Motion
Finally the third thing that you can do, using that same position as the one above, is rather than just starting the lateral raise from down by the leg, you'll want to extend the arm past the leg so you actually get a bit of a stretch beforehand and then extended pull on the muscle fiber.

Be sure to do this with both arms equally so that you can maintain balance in your strength levels between them and see the best results possible.

So there have a few quick tips on muscle building shoulder exercise and techniques that you can use. With any exercises you're doing, whether it's these, muscle building leg exercises, or movements to help enhance your chest, always look for little changes you can make that will challenge the muscles in new ways and take your results that little bit further.

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