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Triceps Workout

Copyright: Dennis Sobolewski

One of the most impressive muscles of the human body is the triceps! This three-headed muscle complex can add considerable size to the upper arm musculature, since the triceps makes up two-thirds of your upper arm mass!  If your triceps are less than Mr. Olympia quality, it’s time for some serious shock training! And one of the most shocking methods of all is the triceps tri-set; a real barn-burner of a muscle-building technique guaranteed to put your tri’s in the growth zone fast!

Beginners are excused from this endeavor!  Tri-set training is strictly for experienced bodybuilders with at least one year of solid training under their belts!  Pick any three triceps exercises you like from your training arsenal, but be sure to group them correctly!  The first exercise in the tri-set should always be a mass-builder, such as close-grip bench-presses or weighted triceps dips!  Keep the weight heavy and the reps low, from 6 to 10!  You’re looking from mass and strength here and heavy resistance is the key! Since power exercises are the most demanding, always put them first in your tri-set!

The second movement should be a dumbbell movement with a deep stretch at the bottom, such as the one-arm seated DB French press!  Reps for this movement should be from 8 to 12!  Focus on the stretch at the bottom of the range of motion to really jack the large long-head of the triceps! 

Keep the weight moderate and really lower the dumbbell slowly behind your head as far down as possible before returning to the top!  You’ll know if your doing this movement right: your triceps will fell like they got the wrong end of a blow-torch! Last but not least should be a peak-contraction triceps movement, one with maximum stress at the top of the movement.

A good choice here would be single-arm or two-arm dumbbell kickbacks. Either choice is fine. Hold the contracted (top) position for several seconds before lowering the bells back to the starting position!  Kickbacks done this way help bring out the natural horse-shoe shape of the triceps big time!  Keep the weight fairly light and focus on strict form from top to bottom!  Reps should be between 10 and 15!  Higher reps guarantee a huge pump, which is a key ingredient for big muscle gains!  Think pump and burn as you rep out, and, not surprisingly, that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Tri-sets are done non-stop, with no rest between the three movements!  After the last exercise of the tri-set, take a 60 to 90 second rest before starting again with the first exercise, then the second, and finally the third!  Shorten your rest times as your condition improves! And improve it will! Good concentration is paramount to success!  Put your mind into the muscle and learn to feel each movement burning mass and shape into the three-heads of the muscle!

Start with one tri-set and gradually work your way up to three!  Even advanced bodybuilders will find three tri-sets extremely demanding, so don’t push the envelope too far with this high-intensity method!

Remember that tri-sets are extremely tough, but the benefits will be apparent in short order!  You will develop huge, shapely, and very impressive upper-arm muscles faster than you ever thought possible!  It’s best to use this technique for only a limited time to avoid over-training, say 3-4 weeks!  Then go back to your normal routine for a while before using tri-sets again!  This will prevent burnout, which will only impede your training progress.  Tough training requires good nutrition also, so focus on good-quality protein and complex carbs!  And be sure to get 7 to 8 solid hours of sleep every night to insure maximum growth and recuperation!

So if you’re serious about turning your tame triceps into a massive three-headed muscle monster, than give the triceps tri-set method a try!  The pain and sweat will be awesome, and so, too, will be your upper arms!

Good luck!

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