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Best Chest Muscle Exercises

Muscle Building Chest Exercises To Take Your Development To The Extreme

By Vince Delmonte

If you're tired of dealing with a body that just doesn’t seem to grow, it might be time that you learned the top muscle building chest exercises that will completely transform your body and get you the fast muscle building results you're after.

How many guys do you know who go into the gym day after day and never look any different?  Far too many to count? It's because they aren't using the right techniques.  Fortunately, I’m about to reveal the top muscle building chest secrets that you must know to grow in this area of your body.

Chest Secret #1:
First off, you must ensure that each and every chest workout you perform, you're using dumbbells.  Don't use cables, don't use bodyweight – use dumbbells. These are going to work the muscles through the greatest range of motion and help you recruit far more muscle fibers total.  They also won't stress the shoulder joints nearly as much, thus you stay injury free.

Chest Secret #2:
The next secret for your chest workout is to make sure you focus on your upper chest.  Many guys completely neglect this and it really destroys their overall progress.  We'll get into upper chest advice in a second, but be sure that you're including movements for it since it's what gives off the look of power and strength.

Designing Your Chest Workout
When designing your chest workout, you want to focus on compound movements for the greatest amount of time.  Movements like flat and incline dumbbell press should make up the bulk of your program so be sure to get these in there.

When doing the incline presses always allow for a 55-65 degree angle as that is what will isolate those upper chest muscles the most and get them growing quickly.  Isolation movements such as chest fly's will also be good muscle building chest exercises to perform when you want to strictly focus on just the chest muscle without any help from the shoulders whatsoever.
When working the upper chest muscles aim to varying your grip from the palms facing towards each other to them facing the mirror as well.  Variety is key.

When trying to target the lower chest muscles, you want to lower the angle on the bench.  Usually a 45 degree declined angle is going to work best, but if you want to go a little higher or lower that's fine too.  Just remember to do these lower chest exercises when you're feeling your most fresh since you'll be weaker on this movement plane.

The Best Chest Exercises To Build Muscle
If I were to name you the top chest exercises to build muscle, they would be flat bench dumbbell press, incline dumbbell bench press, wide grip dips, and flat bench dumbbell fly for those of you who are really craving isolation.
Remember to balance these out with any muscle building back exercises you perform so you never run into an imbalance.
Here are two sample workouts for you to consider.

Upper Chest Workout
Incline DB Presses (65 degree angle) – 4 sets of 12-10-8-6 reps. Increase the weight 5 lbs each set
Barbell Presses (45 degree angle) – 3 X 8-10 reps
High Cable Flys – 1 X 25
Rest 60 seconds between each exercise performed.

Lower Chest Workout
Decline Barbell Press (65 degree angle) – 4 sets of 12-10-8-6. Increase the weight 5 lbs each set.
Wide Grip Dips (45 degree angle) – 3 X 8-10 reps
Low-to-High Cable Fly's – 1 X 25
Rest 60 seconds between each exercise performed.

So there you have all the information you must know about the best muscle building chest exercises. If you form your workout properly and then put in the hard effort, you can get the chest that you've been dreaming of.

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