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Building 6 Pack Abs - Abdominal Exercises

Best Abs Exercise Workout Routines for Six Pack Abs

By Kingsley Modozie

Exercises are essential for losing fat and gaining your six pack abs. Not only does it work for losing fat, it’s also essential for your wellbeing. In order to burn fat efficiently, your body requires a considerable amount of movement. You should try to move your body in a manner which is gonna make you sweat excessively in order to burn calories.

If you feel you are too occupied to do abs exercises and therefore you won’t have time for exercises, all you need to spend per day at your gym center or at home is just 2 or 3 hours or even less. There are simple six pack abs exercises which you can easily perform in the comfort of your home with or without equipments. Exercising combined with dieting is the most effective way to lose fat the fat surrounding your belly. If you do the right exercises and take the right low-fat nutrition, you will be sure that in a range of 2 weeks you can be able to lose fat and be able to attain that six pack abs.

Some exercises routines you can try out for your six pack abs:

Prior to starting your workout routine, you should spend some time stretching. See that all your movements go smoothly and gradually. Don’t pressure yourself too much to make a stretch; that is gonna result in pain. You could end up injuring your muscle.

Sit ups and Crunches
These are one of the major types of exercises you can do to lose fat. The good part is that they are easy to do.

In order to see that your sit-ups and crunches run smoothly and comfortable, find something, such as a tower, to sustain your neck. You can also make use of a workout ball if you won’t be able to do crunches on the ground. It’s good for working your abs.

Push Ups
It’s essential to do pushups. When you do it the right way, it’s also going to aid to build up your arms, chest and shoulders muscles and also tone up your abs.

If you don’t normally perform push ups you can begin by spending less time on it, let’s say, do 10 times of push ups daily. You can then boost the intensity as you get use to it.

You can buy a push up bar which has handles for rotation. This will help to lessen joint strain and help to spin your arms.

An enjoyable way to lose weight while exercising is by dancing. Put your desired song on and rock your fat away! Invest about 30 minutes of your time per day to dance; you would see that you will be able to lose weight while entertaining yourself. Another idea is to view your preferred music video and rock as it bangs. If you’ve got strength you should try doing Para Para dancing. This will increase the intensity of your dancing and help to burn off more fat than your usual dancing.

You can make it a priority to visit the club every Saturday and spend time as much as you can to dance your fat away. This is one of the best abs exercise routines for working your abs.

Skipping rope is not just meant for kids only, so there is no need for you to feel shy when you are using it. They are not expensive and you can simply take them along with you anywhere you go and they are fun to use. It doesn’t only help to burn off some fat covering your abs; it can also do the work of shaping and toning your arms and legs. Include skipping into your exercise routine and you will lose about 2 pounds of fat daily.

It’s one of the best effective ways to work your abs, not just at a particular region but all parts of your body. This is so because when you are cycling all parts of your body is doing work. You should buy a stationary workout bike and do it right there at home if you do not have the time or want to bike outside. You can also visit the gym house to do this if you can’t afford a stationary exercise bike. You just need about 30 minutes per day to do exercise by cycling.  If you feel is boring to cycle stationary, then you can bring it in front of your television and cycle while you are enjoying your favorite tv program.

You can either do your swimming at a club or better still at your pool, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that high intensity training works best when it comes to losing fat fast and quicker. It also helps to keep you fit and healthy. Spend about 30 to 60 minutes of your day swimming.

Though similar to jogging and running in the sense that they all involve the movement of the legs, but walking is more simple and enjoyable when compared to the two mentioned above, bear in mind that jogging and running carries more intensity than walking.

Walking can be done at any place you feel comfortable such as the mall center, park, or your neighborhood. Spend about 30 minutes or more per day. You can end your walking with some minutes of jogging or running. Rather than spending most of your time sitting down, why can’t you get up and take a walk? It will help to you to loose fat and also prevent diseases like hemorrhoids etc. You could park your car and walk instead of driving to that location. Saves gas too!

Losing your thigh fat
Get a strong chair and stay on its edge. You can also get a sleeping mat and lie down on it. Gradually straighten your right leg on the floor if you are lying down with a mat, raise it up and leave it for about 5 seconds. Bring it down and do the same to your left leg. Redo this for about 12 to 16 times for each leg.

Dumb bell exercising
If you are able to find dumb bell exercise equipments like dumb bell lunge, squat, bench press or bent over dumbbell row, use it to exercise daily. If you are not able to come across or afford dumb bell equipments, you could try using soup can or vegetable can. Though they are not as weighty cans, but you can increase the time you spend doing the exercise. You can lift cans for about 50 times compare to the usual 15 times you would spend when using dumb bell.

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