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How Do I Lose Belly Fat Fast

How Do I Lose My Love Handles

One of the biggest problems many people face is "how do I lose my belly fat and love handles?" While this is a main concern for many, a better question to ask is "how do I lose my overall body fat?"  Why? Simply because you can't spot reduce. To lose your belly fat, you need to burn off body fat overall. Belly fat is a growing problem for many people, and the term "Love Handles" is used to describe the accumulated fat around the waist area. Having love handles is not desirable, but to get rid of your belly fat, you should set your goal to lose overall body fat, and not just your stomach fat - for the simple reason we've already stated, because you can't spot reduce.

It is unfortunate that the weight loss industry is full of misinformation and filled with weight loss gadgets, pills, and so called weight loss miracles that will somehow help you target your belly fat and help you lose your love handles. Once you spend your hard earned money on these, you read in fine print that it must be used with a combination of regular exercising and healthy dieting to achieve desired results. Gee, isn't that obvious? And you spent money for what?

How about those that tell you doing a few minutes of ab exercises will give you six pack abs? Wrong! Doing all the abdominal exercises in the world will not help you lose your belly fat. Sure, doing ab exercises targets your abdominal muscles and obliques, but that only works to build those muscles. It does nothing to help you lose your love handles. No matter how built or strong your abdominal muscles become from exercises, you still won't see them if you have a spare tire around the mid section. So while ab exercises can help you strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, don't fall for the idea that to get rid of belly fat, you need to do endless abdominal exercises.

Next time you see the infomercials for miracle ab gadgets or belly fat advertising, tell yourself this: To lose my love handles and belly fat, I need to reduce my overall body fat!

Burn Fat to Lose Stomach Fat

So how do you reduce your overall body fat? Start off by taking accurate measurements. There are two measurements that you should be concerned about it: 1) your current body fat percentage, and 2) your waist circumference size.

You goal should be to slowly reduce your body fat percentage. By lowering your body fat percentage, you will be reducing the amount of body fat you carry. Of course, a lower body fat percentage can also be achieved by simply increasing your lean body mass (muscles); however, during this process, simply by adding more lean muscle mass, you will naturally burn more calories making your body more efficient at burning calories and thus more efficient at losing body fat.

To measure your body fat percentage, the easiest way is to use a body fat caliper. If you have a gym membership, your gym should have more accurate means of measuring your body fat; however, if you do not, body fat calipers work well enough to give you an idea of your body fat percentage. I've always used the AccuMeasure body fat caliper. It is relatively inexpensive, and is quite accurate comparing to the body fat percent reading I got from my gym.

Next, you need to also measure your waistline, and just for the sake of measurements, take measurements for the rest of your body as well such as you chest, upper arms, and thighs. Make an effort to record these on a weekly basis on the same day of the week - for example, every sunday. Also record your body weight as well. On a side note, once your know your body weight and your body fat percentage, you can figure out roughly how many pounds or kilograms of fat you carry. For example, if you weighed 200 pounds with a body fat percent reading of 20%, then you are carrying roughly 40 pound of fat.

How Do I lose Belly Fat

Once you known your measurements, you can begin to track your weight loss progress. You can achieve weight loss through a combination of reducing calories consumed through a sensible diet, and at the same time increasing calories burned through a combination of weight training and cardio training. The ultimate goal here is to consistently create a calorie deficit that would allow you to lose weight and fat.

You need to make adjustments in you daily diet. Get rid of fattening foods like fast food, junk food, and processed foods. Opt for more wholesome foods and natural foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats. See here for more on diet to lose belly fat.

Increase your physical activity to burn more calories. Weight training is one of the best methods for building strength, muscle, and burning fat. You can also increase your physical activity simply by doing more. For example, cleaning your house more often, go biking with your children, or do some gardening. These are just some examples. On a side note, I love to garden, and work in my garden all spring, summer, and fall. While gardening is just a minor part of my overall physical activity aside from my weight lifting and cardio training, it does produce loads of fresh and delicious vegetables all summer long! Not to mention it's all organic and exceptionally healthy! See here for some weight lifting exercises to get rid of love handles.

Keep in mind that it is critical to be consistent in your weight loss efforts and goals. Being over enthusiastic for the first week or two will not allow you to achieve success. You need to maintain a consistent attitude and mind set to achieve your weight loss goals. Burning fat and losing weight can be accomplished and kept permanent if done right, and you can achieve your fat loss success if you set achievable goals and work toward those goals. Two of the best fat burn resources to show you the most effective ways to burn fat and lose weight are "Burn the Fat" program by natural bodybuilder and weight loss expert Tom Venuto, and  the "Fat Loss for Idiots" program.

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