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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Fat Loss For Idiots Calorie Shifting Diet

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is a popular diet plan based on shifting calories to increase your metabolism. The premise of this diet is quite simple. The diet is based on the idea that:

  • Low fat foods do not work
  • Low calorie diets are not the solution
  • Low carb plans are not effective

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is nothing like the calorie restrictive, carb limiting, difficult to follow mainstream diets out there. One highlight worth mentioning about Fat Loss for Idiots is that you're in total control of your diet. Unlike some other diets, there is no need to spend extra money to purchase planned meals or diet specific foods and / or supplements.

So, if Fat Loss for Idiots is not based on low fat foods, low calorie diet, or low carb programs, then what kind of weight loss program is it? The entire program is built around the concept of calorie shifting, and this is what makes it a diet program that works. Not sure what calorie shifting is? No problem, we'll quickly explain it here. In a nut shell, calorie shifting is designed to fight the natural slowdown of your metabolism as you lose weight.

During a diet program, you reduce your calorie consumption creatine a calorie deficit, which leads to weight loss. As you lose weight, your body adjusts metabolism lower to match your reduced calorie intake and your lowered body weight, making it more difficult for your to maintain your weight loss. Even if you constantly reduced your calorie intake, you will eventually find that it gets harder and harder to lose weight. Calorie shifting diet can be applied to effectively combat this drop in metabolism.

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Calorie Shifting Diet Plan for Fat Loss

Calorie shifting diet is designed to combat the natural slowdown in your metabolism as you go on a diet and begin to lose weight.

When you begin to reduce your calorie consumption, your body quickly learns that it is getting a reduced amount of daily calories, and it will attempt to reduce the amount of calories it needs by slowing down your metabolism. By constantly shifting calories, you can "trick" your body and make it tough for your body to know how much calories it will get.

There are different ways you can use the calorie shifting diet method, but the basic idea behind it is quite simple. You simply change the amount of calories you consume from day to day so that your body is unable to determine how much calories it will consume. . For example, if your daily maintenance calorie intake is 2000, during a calorie shifting diet you would either increase or decrease your calorie intake on a day to day basis to confuse your body and keep it guessing at how much calories you will consume. A simple and basic calorie shifting plan might look like this:

  • Day 1 - down shift by 500 calories and consume 1500 cals
  • Day 2 - up shift by 300 calories and consume 2300 calories
  • Day 3 - down shift again by 400 calories, consuming 1600 cals
  • Day 4 - up shift again by 200 calories consuming 2200 calories
  • and so on...

While following a calorie shifting diet, you constantly up-shift and down-shift your daily calorie intake. There are different calorie shifting diets and plans, one popular diet is the Fat Loss for Idiots diet plan that is based on the calorie shifting theory. The Fat Loss 4 idiots diet is a simple to follow weight loss blue print that will help you setup your calorie shifting diet plan, and help you achieve success at losing weight. The fat loss 4 idiots diet is a straight forward and easy to understand diet plan. It provides you with all the essential knowledge to make your fat loss a success.

The fat loss 4 idiots diet program has gained immense popularity because it works, and followers of the Fat loss for Idiots diet have written very positive reviews and feedback. If you have failed at weight loss before, and if you're searching for a diet plan that works, then you should consider trying the Fat Loss for Idiots diet. It may just be what you've been missing.

>> Click here to learn more about the Fat Loss for Idiots Calorie Shifting Diet


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