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How to Get 6 Pack Abs

How to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

There are many strategies, methods, and programs that can help you burn off fat and get 6 pack abs; however, some are not so effective and others can help you get 6 pack abs fast. One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to flatten their abdominals, is wasting too much time working out their abs directly - such as doing hundreds of crunches or other ab specific exercises. Unfortunately, after long periods of day-in, day-out ab specific exercises, they're discourage to see very little results in their goal to get 6 pack abs. Why is that? It's quite simple really, while doing abdominal specific exercises targets your abs muscle, your abs will not show if you have a layer of fat covering them up. This point is commonly neglected by many.

If you think about it, had the person directed all the time, energy, and effort towards an effective entire body workout program instead of just ab specific exercises, it would create a much better metabolic response and create a much more effective environment for fat loss. That's right, FAT LOSS! That is the key to getting 6 pack abs fast!

Losing the stomach fat covering your abs is the key to making your abdominals visible, and the most effective means of achieving fat loss is NOT with endless crunches or other ab specific exercises. You need full body training programs with proper nutrition to get rid of the stubborn belly fat to reveal the six pack abs. Mike Geary's Truth About Six Pack Abs program effectively show you how.

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Ways to Getting 6 Pack Abs Fast

Some may wonder if there are differences in the ways for men and women to get 6 pack abs, and generally, there isn't a need for men and women to train differently. It is important to understand that the best exercises will be the most effective regardless of gender. When it comes to weight training, women tend avoid it unless it's with light weights, being afraid of getting "bulked up". However, there is no need for women to worry about bulking up, as long as their caloric intake is controlled.

Strength training to build lean muscle mass is absolutely one of the best methods for burning off fat and keeping it off - and getting rid of stubborn belly fat is the ONLY way that you can get 6 pack abs. So ladies, don't be afraid of lifting heavy weights! My wonderful wife, who has been weight training consistently with me for many, many years, is very fit, in great shape, and by no means "bulky" from all the weight training she does.

Aside from the fat burning potential, there are numerous health benefits of weight lifting including:

  • develop core strength
  • increase metabolic rate
  • improve muscle function and strength and also improve endurance
  • having stronger muscles help prevent injuries
  • improves your balance, muscle stability, and mobility
  • helps increase your bone density
  • weight lifting slows down the effects of aging, and also reduces the amount of muscle loss with age
  • improves overall health and fitness

To increase your fat burning potential, stop wasting time with slow and steady pace cardio - instead, perform high intensity, interval based cardio. A good quote from fitness guru Mike Geary who says: "I think people need to get away from this thinking about "fat burning zones" and calories burned during the actual workout, and look at the bigger picture of what you're doing in your workout to stimulate the greatest metabolic response in your body... and the best metabolic and hormonal response is achieved through variable intensity training and strength training, not slow steady-pace cardio."

How to Get a 6 Pack Abs Fast

To effectively burn off stubborn belly fat, a proper diet and nutrition program is needed. While this is important, your diet does not need to conform to any of the popular or fad diets out there - and your diet does not have to be low fat or low carb to get 6 pack abs. Rather, simply aim for a well balanced diet that's made up of natural, highly nutritious, and unprocessed foods. Aim to get a good balance of quality proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats in your diet.

Below is a summary of four key points of proper nutrition for getting 6 pack abs from Mike Geary:

1. Get plenty of quality protein each day. It helps create satiety, helps build and maintain muscle, and has a higher thermic effect than carbs or fat.

2. When taking carbohydrates, make an effort to get most of your carbohydrate intake from high fiber sources such as fruits, grains, and vegetables. It is best to avoid refined sugars and refined grains. He recommends looking for carbohydrate sources with at least 2 to 3 grams of fiber per 10 grams of total carbs.

3. Don't be afraid of eating fat from good sources, and these include nuts and seeds, avocados, eggs, coconut oil, and olive oils.

4. Two things must always be avoided, and they are artificial trans fats from margarines and shortenings, and hydrogenated oils in most processed foods and deep fried foods.

Learn the Truth About Losing Your Abdominal Fat Permanently

Mike Geary is the "Abs Guru" that has the entire solution to getting rid of abdominal fat. All of the nutritional strategies, as well as training sequences, exercise combinations, and more have all been compiled in his Truth About 6 Pack Abs Program. While his program effectively helps you get rid of abdominal fat, very small portion of the program is actually about abdominal exercises. The main point of this program is showing you the absolute most effective strategies for losing your stubborn abdominal fat, so you can get 6 pack abs.

Following the guidelines set out in the Truth About 6 Pack Abs, you WILL lose your abdominal fat that has been plaguing you for years and get the 6 pack abs you've always wanted. This is not guesswork... it is a proven system that works time and time again for all of his clients on every corner of the globe that actually apply these strategies. If you apply it, the results will come. It's really that simple.

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