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How to Lose Weight Safely and Quickly

The Enormous Health Risks of Being Over Weight and Obese in Adults and Children

Obesity and weight problems is one of the leading health issues, not just in America, but all around the globe. It is a serious health issue that millions must deal with on a daily basis as a result of genetics, bad lifestyle choices, poor diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, among a variety of other reasons. To reduce the many health risks associated with being over-weight, your must lose weight safely and properly, by making necessary lifestyle and dietary changes that will promote quick and safe weight loss - however, this is not something that is so easily achieved, unlike what many "weight loss" gimmicks would like to have your believe. I sure hope you haven't  fallen for one of those.

There is a whole list of health risks associated with being overweight, and this applies to both children and adult alike. There's no shortage of studies that have linked obesity to health problems such as diabetes, increased insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart problems, cardiovascular diseases, just to name a few.

One study found that overweight and obese children had significantly higher blood pressure than children with normal body weight. The obese children had dyslipidaemia (elevation of lipid in the blood), reduced insulin sensitivity, and even alterations of large and minor vessels. The study stated that obesity in children should be regarded as a serious disease that leads to extremely high risk for developing atherosclerosis (thickening of artery walls) and cardiovascular complications. [1]

How to Lose Weight Properly Without Diet Pills

I think by now, many are aware of the health risks and dangers of being over weight or obese, and are actively seeking effective methods that can help hem to lose weight safely, properly, and quickly. This is a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the diet and weight loss industry is fraught with useless "gimmicks" and "miracles" that only help your wallet to lose weight quickly.

Losing weight safely isn't rocket science, however, it's also not an issue that you can solve overnight. To lose weight properly, there are several key aspects that you need to know, and I think you might already know them:

  1. Proper diet nutrition involving a balanced diet and creating a slight calorie deficit
  2. Exercises - serious weight lifting sessions using compound lifts to stimulate lean mass growth and fire up your metabolism
  3. Short to medium (not long) duration cardio sessions with very high intensity

As you can see, this really isn't rocket science, and anyone with the desire and will power to go through with a program to completely change their life for the better can accomplish their weight loss goals. The simplest way to start off is simply become more active - get off the couch and do more physical activity, and this can be any physical activity, such as house chores, gardening, go for a jog, walk the dog, play ball with the kids, do regular weight training and cardio sessions.

Studies have found direct correlation between body mass index (BMI) and the amount of time sitting a person engages in. In a study involving over 4,000 men, their BMI was calculated and their total physical activity and total time sitting were assessed. Not surprisingly, the results of this study found that the total amount of sitting time was positively associated with higher BMI in the subjects. This study emphasized the importance of increasing physical activity to decrease the risk of obesity. [2]

Doesn't that make you think twice about sitting down next time? =) After all, the more you sit - the more sedentary your lifestyle is - the higher your risks of become obese or overweight. 

If you're currently overweight or obese, then it's time you do something about your weight issue, and do it now. Don't leave it as a task for tomorrow, because when it comes to getting things done, there is always another tomorrow for you to delay it. You need to make a resolve to do it NOW.

Your health depends on it. Studies have found a direct correlation between obesity and cardiovascular diseases, and that this risk increases an overweight or obese person's mortality rate in adulthood. [3] To treat obesity and reduce the risks of associated morbidity and mortality, you need to lose weight safely and properly.

Using the gimmicks and "magical" weight loss solutions you see on infomercials is not the way to go about it.  As mentioned already, this involves a combination of good dieting and exercising. Fortunately, you don't have go it alone because there are tens of thousands of others who have successfully lost weight safely with proven weight loss programs that's based on the key points we've mentioned. One of these is the Burn the Fat weight loss program by Tom Venuto, which is also widely referred to as the "weight loss bible".

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