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Weight loss is only possible with the correct psychology

Copyright Kereru Moses

Losing weight is often a struggle but it is even more of a struggle without the right psychology.  You can have all the information in the world about how to lose weight but without the right psychology to apply it, it is useless.

Weight loss is only achieved by having the correct information and using that information to take action.

Having the appropriate psychology is the most important element of weight loss but is usually overlooked and underestimated.  The right psychology will give you motivation, commitment, and help you to overcome obstacles, temptations and distractions.  The proper psychology can also make weight loss fun, easier, more exciting and develop changes towards a healthy new lifestyle and a better quality of life.

I will try to keep this article as simple as possible.  I will avoid jargon whenever I can.  I will not go into detail about how some of the processes work, as it is irrelevant.  However if you would like more detailed information then feel free to contact me, my details are at the end of the article.  During the article I use the term losing weight.  When I say losing weight I am specifically referring to losing fat.  Weight loss is all about fat loss.  I want you to lose fat but keep the muscle.

The Right Weight Loss Psychology

First off I will start referring to a person’s psychology as a mindset.  A mindset is important because it controls our behaviour, thoughts and actions.  As people grow they develop habits and associations that govern their life. 

These habits and associations are controlled by our subconscious and people are usually unaware of them.  A person’s subconscious can also sabotage their weight loss efforts.
The right mindset consists of using various techniques and strategies to control your behaviour by monitoring your actions and thoughts.  This will help to replace your old habits and associations with new ones that will be more beneficial.

“Why do overweight people moan about losing weight but don’t do anything about it?” - Jack Bauer, BPhEd

A colleague of mine Jack Bower couldn’t understand why people moan about being overweight but wont exercise.  I replied by saying that they don’t have the correct mindset.  You might think that they just lack the correct information but if they had the proper motivation then they would find it.  Nothing can stop someone that has a powerful mindset.  People like this will always find a way no matter what obstacles they face.  People that don’t lose weight have formed associations and habits that have taken control of their life and stopped them.

How do you get the correct mindset for Weight Loss ?
Developing the correct mindset is not an instant change.  It will take time and constant and conscious awareness.  By this I mean you will have to regularly monitor your progress and behaviour.  Sometimes it will be easy and others it will require will power.  On the good side there are strategies and techniques that are easy to apply.  Using these techniques will give you motivation, determination, commitment and make you emotionally charged and driven to succeed.  One such technique is the power of goal setting.  This is one important technique that you could use to achieve your weight loss goals.  Below I have listed simple guidelines to follow when goal setting.

  • You have to write your goals down.
  • Your goals have to be specific.
  • Your goals have to have a deadline.
  • Your goals have to be measurable.
  • Your goals have to be achievable.
  • You have to focus on your goals everyday.
  • You have to have emotion behind your goals.

The best way to set a weight loss goal is to set more than one.  Have one long-term goal and then break it down into smaller goals.  Make some monthly and weekly goals. You can only eat an elephant one piece at a time.  This is a very simple and basic overview of goal setting.  There are other strategies involved that will make goal setting more efficient and make you driven to succeed.

There are also other techniques and strategies apart from goal setting which will help you develop a powerful psychology including controlling your focus, having a critical action plan, forming new associations, developing new habits and controlling you internal dialogue and self talk.  This might seem complicated and a bit overwhelming but the techniques are simple and easy to use.

To lose weight you also need a nutrition plan and it is also important and highly advised to have an exercise routine.  When obtaining a nutrition or exercise plan you have to make sure that the information is correct, suited for your needs and lifestyle, individualized specifically for you and your goals, is in your best interest and that the source of the information is trustworthy and creditable.  Information is readily available, free and easy to obtain.  However not all of this information is correct and the best.  Make sure that you get your information from a trustworthy source and that they have some type of credentials or experience.  If you can find this type of free information that is great but you will usually have to pay for it.

I wish you all the best with your weight loss goals and I know that if you develop a powerful psychology you will achieve your goals and success will be yours.  So aim high, push the limits become all that you want to be and live the life that you want and deserve.  We are not given the gift of dreams without the power to achieve them.  I highly advise you to now take action and do something towards helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  The sooner you start the sooner you will lose the weight.  If you do not take action now to achieving your goals and developing a powerful psychology then you will put more weight on and not live the better quality of life that you deserve.  TAKE ACTION NOW!!.  Do some goal setting, get some information or give me an email just do something.

Thank you for reading this and once again I wish you all the best.  If you have any questions or want any advice then feel free to contact me.

“The sky is not the limit.  There are no limits” – Kereru Moses. BSc. Dipgrad.

Your friend
Kereru Moses

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About the Author

The author of this article has created a new and exciting weight loss program which will help you to develop a powerful psychology.  It has an exercise, critical action and nutrition plan which you will help to create so that it suits your needs and lifestyle.