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Weight Loss Insanity

By Dr. Frank B. Smoot, DD, MA
GHF's Success & Personal Growth Coach

As a weight loss success coach, one of the things that really makes me crazy is hearing people complain about struggling and failing at weight loss for years (or decades)--and then watching them keep on doing the same old things that didn't work in the first place.

FACT: Right now, we Americans are spending a mind-boggling $15 billion a year trying to lose weight by through pills, drugs, fad diets, pricey exercise machines, and even surgery. What do we have to show for it? The biggest obesity epidemic in history! In fact, an incredible 96% of our weight loss efforts now fail.

Obviously, none of those well-publicized methods has helped us to get rid of our unwanted pounds. Yet we still keep doing them anyway. Einstein called it insanity to keep on doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

What would you call it?

Stop The Weight Loss Insanity!

Remember the blonde with the buzz cut, Susan Powter, and her Stop The Insanity! TV infomercials? Well, sorry Susan. The Diet Industry insanity is still going, and it's stronger than ever. But why shouldn't it be? As long as people keep throwing their money away on air-filled promises, I guarantee somebody else will keep taking it.

Is there an alternative? Is there anything out there that really does lead to weight loss success? If so, is it safe? And will it give me lasting results, instead of the incredibly frustrating "lose-it, gain-it-all-back" syndrome? Thanks to some important new scientific research breakthroughs, the answer to all of the above questions is now "Yes!"

But there's a catch. The condition for success is that you have to be willing to let go of the old "diet and exercise" approach to weight loss, and open your mind wide enough to consider that there's a better solution available.

Let me explain.

The Amazing Power Of Your Habits

By the time we hit our 30s, most of us are pretty much set in our ways about most things in life. This is not necessarily bad. In fact, if some of our behaviors didn't become automatic over time--what we call "second nature"--then we'd have to consciously think about everything we did, every single time we wanted to do it.

Imagine if you had to think about how to tie your shoes, button your shirt, drive your car, or even walk every time you did it. You wouldn't have time for anything else. You'd never get anything done!

Fortunately, we humans are born with the remarkable ability to make some of our behaviors entirely automatic. Unfortunately, this can work both for us and against us. For example, after a lifetime of exposure to our cultural norms, what's the first thought that comes into your mind when you think about weight loss? Right: dieting. Maybe you also think about exercise. Either way, the process is just as automatic as reaching for the keys when you want to start your car.

We are literally brainwashed to think "diet and exercise" when we think about weight loss. In fact, it would be just about impossible to think otherwise in this culture. We've been exposed all our lives to an endless (and largely unquestioned) barrage of weight loss ads that, in one way or another, focus on food or exercise. We have been 100% programmed to make this association in our minds.

Now, on the surface, this is logical enough. Since being overweight appears to be a physical problem, then it should have a physical solution, right? And what would the obvious physical solution be? Eat less, move more, or some combination of the two. This logic would be fine if our cultural ways of thinking about weight loss were actually true. But what if they weren't? What if it turned out that the real solution to weight loss had little or nothing to do with food or dieting?

"But that's illogical," you say. "Obviously, eating less and moving your body more is the way to succeed at weight loss." Are you sure?

Some "Solutions" Just Won't Fly

Just about everybody is convinced that dieting and exercise are "obvious" solution to weight loss success. But if dieting and exercise really were the keys, wouldn't millions of us be succeeding by now?

Exactly 100 years ago, it was "obvious" that machines couldn't fly. If you said they could, 99% of the population would have bet against you. And today, if you said that the real keys to safe and lasting weight loss had nothing to do with dieting and exercise, just as many people would tell you you're wrong.

Yet the US Government's own statistics tell us that 19 out of 20 of those same people would fail at weight loss if they tried! Why? Because they keep on doing what has never worked and never will--never even considering that there might be a better way. That's just plain insane!

If you've had enough insanity to last you a lifetime, it's time you learned about a little-known but highly effective way to get rid of your unwanted pounds. It's safe, lasting, and it virtually eliminates the stress and struggle of old-fashioned Diet Industry approaches.

Dr. Frank B. Smoot, DD, MA
GHF's Success & Personal Growth Coach

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