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Abdominal Exercises

Bent Knee Sit Up / Hanging Leg Raise
Side Bends / Seated Leg Pull In

Back Muscle Exercises

Back Muscle - Latissimus Dorsi
Barbell Shrugs / Dumbbell Shrugs
Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise
Deadlift Execise / Hyper Extensions
Lat Pulldowns / Behind Neck
Seated Cable Rows / T-Bar Rows
Wide Grip Chin Up Exercise

Bicep Exercises

Arm Muscle Anatomy
Arm Muscle Pain & Injury
Barbell Curls
Bicep Exercise With Barbells
Bicep Exercise With Dumbbells
Cable Curl Exercise
Dumbbell Curl Exercise
Dumbbell Curls- Seated
Preacher Curls

Chest Exercises

Barbell Bench Press
Cable Crossovers - High / Low
Chest Muscle, Pectoral Muscle
Chest Workout & Chest Exercises
» Bench Press Exercise
» Dumbbell Bench Press
» Incline Bench, Decline Bench
» Dips, Dumbbell Flyes, Crossover
Dumbbell Flies
Hammer Strength Machine Presses
Incline Bench Press
Machine Presses - Flat Bench
Pushup Exercise

Forearm Exercises

Barbell Wrist Curl
Forearm Exercise & Workout
Reverse Wrist Curls

Leg Muscle Exercises

Leg Muscle Anatomy
Leg Muscle Exercise - Squats
Leg Muscle Pain & Cramp
Leg Press Exercise
Squats Exercise
Standing Calf Raises
Stiff Leg Deadlift

Shoulder Exercises

Front Dumbbell Raise / Side Laterals
Military Press Exercises
Read Deltoid Exercises
Seated Dumbbell Press
Shoulder Muscle Anatomy
Shoulder Injury & Pain
Shoulder Exercise - Presses
Shoulder Exericse - Raises
Upright Row - Barbell

Triceps Exercises

Close Grip Bench Press
Lying Triceps Extension
Tricep Exercise & Workout
Tricep Rope Pulldown
Triceps Pushdown Exercise

Standing Barbell Curl

Bicep Barbell Curl

This is the staple exercise for building the biceps muscles. It is the most basic and popular biceps exercise, and it is great for developing mass and strength in the biceps.

barbell curl exercise   standing barbell curl

Standing Barbell Curl Technique & Execution

  • Standing upright, grasp the barbell with an underhand grip about shoulder width apart
  • Avoid swaying your body, curl the barbell up
  • Lower back down to starting position
  • Generally, you should avoid using your the rest of your body to help with this exercise, but sometimes, a very small amount of body movement is acceptable, especially during the last few reps of a set

You can also perform standing barbell curls with your back braced against a wall to prevent you from rocking your body. Another variation of the standing barbell curl can be done using the arm blaster that gives a similar type of strict movement as preacher curls. Also see E-Z bar curls.

Standing EZ Bar Curls

As an alternative to performing barbell curls, you can use a E-Z bar instead of a barbell.

e z bar curl  e-z bar curl

E-Z Bar Curl Technique & Execution

  • Grab hold of a E-Z curl bar with an underhand grip with the weight extended in front of your at arm's length
  • Curl the weight up in a wide arc
  • Keep your elbows steady by your sides throughout the movement
  • Then lower the weight back down to starting position

Reverse Grip Barbell Curl

This exercise is performed same as the standing barbell curl. But as the name suggests, the main difference is using a reverse overhand grip holding the barbell. This exercise also places some stress on the forearms.

reverse barbell curl reverse barbell curl exercise

Reverse Barbell Curl Technique & Execution

  • Standing upright, grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, and hold it in front of you at arm's length
  • Keep your elbows steady at your sides, curl the weight up to about your chin level
  • Then lower the weight back down to starting position

You can also perform preacher bench curls using a reverse grip as shown here.