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Chest Muscle Exercise & Workout

Build Chest Muscle With Bar Dip Exercise

Bar dips are a chest and triceps exercise that works your chest and triceps muscles. The dips exercise targets same areas as the decline bench press. At first, you can start doing dips with just your own body weight. Later on, as you advance, you can use the weight belt and add weights to your dips exercise.

Bar Dips Exercise

bar dip exercise  dip workout exercise

  • Hold yourself at arm's length on the parallel dip bar
  • Lower yourself slowly
  • At the bottom of the rep, press back up to the starting position
  • When doing the bar dips, the more forward you lean, the more chest muscle gets involved in the movement - so try crossing your feet behind your glutes to shift your center of gravity

Dumbbell Fly Chest Exercise

Dumbbell flyes is an exercise that mostly isolates the movement to your chest muscles. Unlike compound exercises such as the bench press, dumbbell fly doesn't involves the triceps muscles. However, the front delts and the biceps do come into play. When performing dumbbell flyes, you will find that you are unable to use as much weights as you would with pressing movements.

  • Lie flat on a bench, and hold the dumbbells at arm's length with your palms facing each other
  • Lower the weights (open your arms) in a wide arc as far down as you can - feel your pecs stretch
  • Then lift the weights back up in the same wide arc
  • Contract the pectoral muscles at the top of the movement
  • Keep your arms slightly bent to reduce pressure on the elbows; however don't bend them too much to prevent cheating

You can also perform decline and incline dumbbell flyes. Decline and incline dumbbell flyes are performed exactly the same as the flat bench dumbbell fly, except the exercise is done using either an incline bench or a decline bench. Doing incline dumbbell flyes will put more pressure on your upper pectoral muscles, while doing decline dumbbell flyes will target your lower pecs more.

Cable Crossover Exercise for Chest

The cable crossover exercise is somewhat similar to the dumbbell flyes. Cable crossovers are done standing, using cables attached to weights to provide resistance targeting the pectorals with an emphasis on the inner chest muscle. Cable crossover exercise targets the inner chest, and also works to bring out the impressive striations in your chest muscle.

  • From a standing position, grab hold of the cable handles attached to the overhead pulleys
  • Position your body slightly forward of the pulley machine
  • Bent your upper body slightly forward, with arms extended out on the sides, but keep your arms slightly bent
  • In a hugging motion, bring your arms and hands together toward the center of your body
  • When your hands meet, don't stop, cross them over each other and contract your pectorals as much as you can
  • Alternate which hand crosses over the other hand with each repetition


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