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Lower Abs Exercise - Abominal Workout

Get Your Flat Abs With Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises are becoming one of the most popular abdominal exercises, and with good reason. This intense movement is a great way to target the entire abdominal region including the difficult to hit lower abs.If you're not already incorporating Hanging Leg Raises into your ab routine on a regular basis, you should give them a go. Here's the basic technique.

You begin the movement hanging from a Lat Pull-up bar. Your grip should be about shoulder width apart, and your arms should remain fully extended throughout the movement. You want to bend your knees slightly and keep them bent throughout.

Now, using your ab muscles only, raise your legs up to a point where your feet are about level with your belly button (note: you do not want to swing your legs up with your hips—focus on your abs).

As typical with abs, hold the peak contraction for a count of one or two and squeeze hard. Perform the negative portion of the movement slowly by lowering your legs resisting somewhat on the way down. Repeat for a tight set of 12-20 reps.

Lower Abs Workout - Training Lower Abdominals

Have you tried Vertical Lying Leg Thrusts yet? These are a great target exercise for your lower abs.

Begin by lying on your back; I like to do the movement on a flat bench, but it also works on the floor.

Now lift your legs until they're vertical. Tuck your hands under your buttocks, and make sure your lower back is flat on the ground.

To perform the movement concentrate on tightening up and squeezing together the muscles in your lower abs. Your legs and your lower torso should move upward toward the ceiling.

Remember, the feeling you're after is one of tightening and squeezing in your abs; and it's this squeezing that should lift your buttocks off your hands.

Lower your torso back down to complete one rep. The most important thing in lower ab training is not how many reps you do but how hard you squeeze.

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