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Arm Workout & Upper Arm Exercise for Woman

Best Arm Workout and Arm Exercise For Woman

While the arms aren’t always thought of as the sexiest body part on a woman, they certainly get noticed when they’re not in shape.  But there are a number of ways that you can firm up your upper arms, even without the use of expensive gym equipment or even stepping outside of your home.

The best arm workout is one that targets the main muscles groups of the arm: biceps and triceps, but can also workout the shoulders and the forearms for balance and overall tone.  Most woman fear developing muscular arms from the use of weights, but this is not the case. Using weights in your arm workouts will not make you develop overly muscular arms. Though most women equate strong arms with men and masculinity, women with strong arms can be just as appealing.

Best Women's Arm Exercise

There are a number of arm exercises that you can choose from in order to build firm and toned arms.  Here are some arm exercises that you can try at home today to start feeling more confident about showing off your arms.

Upper Arm Exercise For Woman

When you want to workout the upper arms, you will want to focus on the biceps and triceps. Some of the best arm exercises you can perform include:

For biceps: barbell curl, dumbbell curl, and preacher curls.

For triceps: close grip bench press, dumbbell kickbacks, tricep extensions, and pressdowns.

Arm Slimming Exercise - Flabby Arm Exercise

Although there are no exercises that can spot reduce on your body, there are certainly ways to build muscle so that you can burn more fat overall. The best way to achieve slimmer arms is by lowering your overall body fat. Putting on a little lean muscle mass will go a long way to improve flabby arms

Arm toning exercise

One of the most effective, yet simple arm toning exercise is the push up – and while it’s not glamorous (or even fun for a lot of people), it certainly gets the job done for toning up the arms, especially the triceps, where you get the undesirable "arm flab". While the regular pushup works the chest, shoulders, and arms, a close grip push up will target your triceps (the back of your arms) more. Here's how to perform a close grip pushup.

  • Place your palms on the floor about shoulders’ distance apart, directly under the shoulders.
  • With your toes on the ground (or your knees if you're unable to perform a full pushup), push your body up, keeping it as straight as possible.
  • Lower your body down, but not all the way to the ground, keeping your movements slow and steady.

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