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Selecting The Right Training Program

With dozens of bodybuilding routines and fitness programs out there, how do you know which one suites you best? How do you pick the bodybuilding program that will deliver you the results you expect? And how do you select the most effective training programs? We have a guide that will help you decide what type of bodybuilding routine fits you best and more.

There are so many bodybuilding programs out there that it becomes difficult evaluating the methods and information contained in each program. To help you best select the training program that suites you best, establish standards and guidelines.

1) Empirical Testing of the Training Program

The foremost criteria in selecting a bodybuilding routing or program is whether the program has ben experimentally tested. This is the only objective method to determinethe effectiveness of the program. For example, in a controlled lab experiment, testing results is compared for the group not using the program against the group which applied the program. The results can be easily intrepreted and quantified by comparing the gains achieved by each group.

2) Specific Training Factors of The Bodybuilding Routine

A well developed training program will discuss the following important training factors: Goals, training loads, progress monitoring, and recovery periods.

No workout program will be effective and achieve its intended result indefinately, but this is not a bad thing. With time, your body becomes 'de-sensitized' or gets used to the program. Any bodybuilder knows that. However, a good program will clearly identify the training stages, and the expected results and goals of those stages. "Get bigger and get stronger" is by no means an appropriate goal - who doesn't want to be bigger and stronger? You must clearly know the goals and expectations. Taking a 'just do it and see' approach will drive little results if any.

To allow for continual progress, the program must provide guidance on changing your workout loads. A generic 'add 5lbs' when you can do more is not sufficient - you need to determine the load changes to fit your bodybuilding regimen better.

Periodic monitoring of progress is essential to determine if the bodybuilding program is working or not. The easiest and most direct measurement includes body weighing, size measurements, and one-rep maximums.

Often, recovery periods are neglected in bodybuilding routines. Recovery is just as important as performing the exercises and doing the workouts. The training program should cover rest periods on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, and as well, across several training phases in the program.

3) Program Context

Does the bodybuilding routine specify what types of individuals this program is geared towards? The training program should make clear the target audience, age, training level, and effective duration.

Different workout programs fit different people. Main consideration here is age and gender. Is the program fit for teenagers, adults, or masters? An intense program developed for mature adult bodybuilders should not be used by young teens.

What level of training experience is the bodybuilding program aimed at: novice, intermediate, or advanced? You're not going to see the promised results from a novice program if you've been bodybuilding for 10 years.

Finally, what is the effective duration of this training program? No program will be effective indefinately. The program should say how long you can use it before you make changes to the bodybuilding routines.

With the above guide, you should have a better idea of what to look for when selecting bodybuilding routines and trainning programs.

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