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Teen bodybuilding has gained increasing popularity over the years, where young teens hit the gym almost everyday. There's much upside to teen bodybuilding such as high self-esteem and confidence, becoming fit and healthy, and looking good for the ladies. Teen bodybuilding at the same time help the teens develop good habits not just in bodybuilding, but it trickles down to other facets of life such as good work ethics and discipline.

The question to teen bodybuilding is how young is too young for weight training? A rather simple answer - until the body is ready. Simple enough answer, but how do you know when the body is ready for weight lifting? It's common sense that starting bodybuilding at a age too young is not good for the body's growth. The right time for teen bodybuilding comes sooner for some than others. Its usually best to start training at ages of 15, 16. But its never too young to begin fitness work and health education. Young teens can develop a good foundation through calisthenics and cardio work, and once at the age of 16 to 17, commence a suitable, rigorous workout program. At an early age, emphasize on building all around physical excellence, good health, and athletic ability, instead of focusing purely on building size.

Student Diet

Teen bodybuilding, or any bodybuilding requires good nutrition and diet. This is where many teen bodybuilders run into some problems due to their tight schedule. Its easy enough for adult bodybuilders, or even university students to eat six times a day, but for teen bodybuilders, most are in school all day, and in most cases, eating is prohibited in class. How do you get the nutrition you need to grow?

There is a solution. Teen bodybuilders don't need to starve. There are already three meals in a day, and breakfast is the most important. Eat lots of high protein and high carb products for breakfast. This could include eggs! Eat several egg whites and whole eggs each morning, plus weight gain supplements.

Successful teen bodybuilding requires several meals during the day, so you will have to mix in two meals in-between the main meals. This mean one at mid-morning, and another at mid-afternoon, and probably another sometime late evening after dinner. The next main meal won't be till lunch, so you'll have to eat something during class, which unfortunately, most teachers won't allow. What you can do is bring a thermos filled with enough liquid meals to ensure you eat every two hours or so. Blend non-fat milk with protein powder, and drink this 'liquid meal' in between main meals.

Your lunch should supply you with as much nutrients as possible. Ideal foods to bring are white meat such as chicken breast, turkey or fish, and lean red meat. Bring lots of potatoes or rice as a rich source for carbohydrates, and bring a salad of some kind. By mid-afternoon, have the rest of your supplement mix, or if you drink it all in mid-morning, you can wait till you get home, and have a supplemental meal before dinner.

With this diet strategy, you effectively work around the tight schedules of high schools, and ensure you take in enough nutrition to help your body repair and grow. It takes a little time and planning, but its well worth it.

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