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Thigh Exercise & Thigh Muscle Workout

Inner Thigh exercise for Women

Most, if not all women want slim and shapely thighs. While the thigh muscles are often overlooked in favor of more noticeable upper body muscles – they shouldn’t be!  There’s nothing worse than an unbalanced physique that involves a heavy upper torso and skinny legs.  When you want to create an aesthetically pleasing shape for your body, you need to take all muscle groups into consideration.

Your thigh muscles are an important part of your body’s stability and balance, helping you to transport yourself from one place to another as well as create power for activity.  They need to be in top condition in order to keep you active and moving.

Inner Thigh Exercise & Workout

The inner thigh muscles can seem to be the hardest ones to exercise.  They are difficult to isolate when you’re working them out.  Here is one exercise that can help you start to tone the inner thigh muscles.

  • Standing up and holding a wall or a chair for support, you can do this movement with an ankle weight, a resistance band, or nothing at all.
  • Take one leg and move it slightly in front of the other and up off the ground.
  • Lift the leg up into the air until you feel the muscles tightening, then hold this position and pulse with smaller movements.
  • Adding resistance will intensify this exercise.
  • You don’t need to move a lot to feel the muscles working, so move only as much as you can feel the muscle working.

Outer Thigh Exercise & Workout

  • While lying on one side, take the lower leg and bend it at a ninety degree angle to your body.  This will provide your body with a supportive base.
  • You can support your upper body with your shoulder or with your elbow to keep your head and shoulders upright during the movements.
  • lift the upper leg slightly until you feel tension in the outer thigh muscles and then lower down.
  • A variation is to keep your leg in the raised position and repeat the movement in shorter pulses.
  • This exercise can also be done with weights or a resistance band around the legs.

Lateral thigh trainer

It looks like a mini-stair stepper, but the lateral thigh trainer moves your body laterally to hit more of the thigh muscles.   By allowing the body to move up and down as well as in and out, the thighs are sculpted to a sleeker shape.

Users will need to use this a few times a week for about twenty to thirty minutes a session.  The lateral thigh trainer allows you to combine aerobic exercise with strength training for more fat burning and sculpting.

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