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Bodybuilding Tips and Tricks

Bodybuilding Tip #1: Calves

Calves are often the most neglected body part to train in a bodybuilding routine. Its relatively small, and the results of doing calve exercises more often than not are hard to notice, let alone be awe-inspiring as your chest may look after an intense workout. That is not to say that your calves aren't as important as the rest of your body. You don't want a huge upper body and no calves - proportion matters! So getting working on those calves, and check out our bodybuilding tip for you!

Bodybuilding Tip

Angling your feet while doing calf raises isn't the best way to target the different heads of your gastrocnemius(calves). Instead, try using wide and narrow stances to achieve much better results. A narrow stance - about shoulder width or slightly narrower - forces you to rise on the outside of your feet, stressing the outter head of the calves. A wider stance - slightly wider than shoulder width will force you to rise up on your big toes, transfering most of the resistance to your inner calves.

Bodybuilding Tip #2: Deltoids

Deltoids in bodybuilding is one of those body parts that everyone wants to develop. Your delts (or shoulders) as the extension to your chest, completes the upper portion of your upperbody along with the trapezius. Your delts is not only visually appealing, but at the same time, provide invaluable assistance while bench pressing.

Bodybuilding Tip

For this bodybuilding tip, when performing lateral raises, many people tend to lean backwards, this shifts the workload to your front delts - defeating the purpose of lateral raises. To achieve the intended effect with lateral raises, do the exercise leaning forward. This is best done leaning your chest against a high-incline bench. With a slight forward lean, you target the side head of your deltoids rather than the front heads.

Bodybuilding Tip:

If you want to gain weight, you need protein supplements, and lots of it. Read our article on protein powder comparisons and find out what's the best buy!