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Women Bodybuilding and Fitness

Women's Bodybuilding recently became a mainstream sport, as more and more women hit the gym to gain size, strength, muscle, and self-confidence. Supplements, nutrition, and diet also play a huge role in woman bodybuilding, so this article is about womens bodybuilding and creatine

There are fundamental differences between women's bodybuilding and men's bodybuilding - most notably, biological differences. This is true in the case of supplements. For example, steriods increases your testosterone levels significantly, and have negative side effects for both men and women. However, these effects may annoy female bodybuilders more so, as everyone knows, testosterone deepens your voice, and produces more hair on your body. What about creatine for women bodybuilders? Should they use it too?

When female bodybuilders take creatine, they will gain some weight, but some of this weight gain is due to water retention from the creatine. Best way to avoid this is using creatine products designed specifically for women. Also, some fitness females may not wish to gain large muscle mass, but get fit and get in shape. These fitness females can still use creatine since creatine does not creat muscle mass, and it does provide higher levels of energy during workouts. It's not what supplements you take that determines your build, but your workout program.

In general, there are some minor negative effects associated with creatine, and this include upset stomach, muscle cramping, diarrhea and dehydration. It is safe for women bodybuildes to use creatine, and women bodybuilders do use it.

Muscle Marketing has created the Femme Advantage Creatine, which is in a liquid form. Its ingredients include pure creatine monohydrate, glucosamine, royal jelly, vitamin B5 and B12, ginkgo biloba, wild yam, soluble bioflavonoids, papaya extract, pantothenic acid, glycerine, honey, distilled water & natural flavoring. It provides women bodybuilders all the desired supplementation effects while eliminating negative side effects.

For usage, follow its Suggested Usage instructions: A single 5 ml (1 teaspoon) serving of creatine serum may be taken by putting 5 small squeezes of the eye dropper directly under the tongue. Each squeeze of the eye dropper is 1 ml, or if you prefer, a dose of creatine serum may be mixed with water.