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Arm Muscle - Build Upper Arm Muscle

Arm Muscles Anatomy

There are several different sets of arm muscles in the human body: the biceps, which cover the upper arm in the front, the triceps in the back if the upper arm, the brachialis muscle that covers the elbow, and the brachioradialis which covers the outer part of what we refer to as the forearm.

The arms are an important part of any training routine, for obvious reasons.  Not only are they a noticeable body part, but you’ll also be able to highlight your strength gains by working diligently on your arm muscles.

Large, well-defined biceps and triceps are a standard trait in bodybuilder physiques, but they’re also a great way to look good in a t-shirt or tank top – no matter what gender you are.

Arm Muscle Diagram

See illustration below for arm muscle anatomy.

Upper Arm Muscle - Bicep Muscle Anatomy

There are three major muscle groups in the arm. The biceps brachii is a two headed muscle with point of origin under the deltoid and point of insertion just below the elbow. The basic function of your biceps is to lift and curl the arm, and to also pronate (twist downward) the wrist.

Upper Arm Muscle - Tricep Muscle Anatomy

Often neglected compared to the biceps, the tricep muscle is just as an important muscle group to train for total arm development. Your triceps make up about 2/3 of your upper arm mass - you can't afford to ignore it.

The triceps muscle is a large three headed muscle that stretches alongside the back of the upper arm and is also referred to as the triceps brachii.  The three heads of the tricep muscle include: the long head, the lateral head, and the medial head.  While the long head is attached to the inner part of your scapula, the lateral and medial heads are attached to your humerus – or the main upper arm bone.

The tricep muscle works in opposition to the biceps. The triceps work to straighten the arm, and to supinate (twist upward) the wrist. What you might not realize is that the triceps are actually about two thirds of the overall mass of the arm, which shows just how much attention they really need when you’re lifting weights.

How to Build Arm Muscle

A well-developed set of arm muscles needs to focus on each of the separate groups as well as how they work together.  While many beginners tend to focus mainly on their biceps development, complete arm muscle development requires developing both the bicep and tricep muscles.

There are a few key points that are crucial to complete arm development:

  • Compound movements should be prioritized over isolation exercises
  • Arm exercises should be performed with strict form. If you're not using proper form, lower the weight you use
  • Performing supersets on arm days are a great way to develop arm muscles
  • Heavy weight and lower reps over light weights and higher reps
  • Allow at least one full week for complete arm muscle recovery


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