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Bodybuilding Supplements Guide - Part 6

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Protein Supplements - Whey, Egg, & Blends

We talked about protein briefly in part 2. Now, let's chat a bit on a few of the specific protein supplements I had used in my stack. They're listed below: (links lead to their reviews)

Optimum 100 Whey Protein

I've said it many times in other articles, and I'm going to keep on saying it: "optimum's 100 whey is one of the best whey proteins you can get for the money you spent!" Don't take my word for it, take a look at our protein comparison guide here. Its one of the best tasting whey supplements, and also one of the most economical as well, by cost per serving, and also by the amount of protein you get for its cost.

A 5lb tub will cost $30 and last you 80 servings, taken 2 scoops everyday after workout, it'll last you a good 40days. A 10lb bag will double that. ;-) It comes in standard flavors chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I recently tried the chocolate mint flavor, after hearing a lot of good feedback on its taste, and its very nice tasting as well.

Optimum has also reformulated the 100whey and made some new additions to it. You can read more about all this in the 100 whey review here.

Optimum 100% egg protein

Egg protein is often referred to as the "perfect protein", a common reference by which all other proteins are compared to. Egg protein scores a perfect 100 on biological value, and 1.0 on the PDCAA score - which simply means that 100% of the egg protein is used by the body.

I eat eggs (egg whites) almost everyday, but the convenience of having egg protein around makes my life easier when I'm lazy. ;-) I usually buy all my foods in bulk - ie. I buy 15 dozens of eggs at a time. Saves me a lot of money. More on this in the diet & nutrition guides. On an average day, I get probably around 30 to 40g of my protein from eggs.

Instead of using whey protein shakes throughout the day, I like to use egg protein or protein blends instead - mixed with soy milk, this leads to slower absorption rates. Whey is great for post workout, because it's fast absorbing, but during other times of the day, whey's rapid digestion and absorption will supply your blood with more amino acids quicker, but this effect also doesn't last very long. The whey is being oxidized (burnt for energy) as much as it is being used for protein synthesis.

However, taking another protein like egg protein instead, and add some milk to that, you get a much slower and gradual digestion & absorption of proteins and supply your body with a more steady and longer lasting amino acids, which gives it more time to fuel protein synthesis, and less into energy production.

So, use whey by itself for post workout, mixed with water, and take other slower digesting proteins with milk, throughout the day. Simple rule of thumb, right?

More on egg protein here, and 100% Egg Protein review here.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Whey

So what's the difference between 100 natural whey and 100 whey? The main difference being that 100 Natural whey contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, hence the name "100% natural". It's still a very nice tasting protein, but compared to 100% Whey, it comes up just a little short. Because its all natural flavors, its a much lighter tasting whey. But still good!

Optimum Pro Complex 4.4lb

Sheesh, what's up with all these optimum products you use Jim? Well, okay, if you look at our protein comparison guides, and some of the reviews on here, you'll see why. ;-) Price, taste, quality, these protein supplements got it all. Granted, they may not be the highest grade of protein quality like AST VP2, but heck, I'm getting a lot more for my money.

A serving of Pro Complex has 54g of protein - 2 scoop sized serving. I use this almost exclusively for bed time shake - it's a blend of whey and egg proteins. However, I use just one scoop mixed with 1 cup of milk, which gives me 35.6g of proteins, 8g carbs, and 5.8g of fat. I don't take 2 scoops for several reasons:

  • To make my procomplex last longer
  • Also, mainly because this fits into my daily nutritional planning better, and is better suited to my daily caloric requirements. (more on this later).

Procomplex review here.

Osmo Build Fast

This was my first time try Osmo Build Fast - I thought I'd use it as a protein shake I'd take to the gym with me. Osmo Build Fast comes in conveniently packaged individual bottles, and all you gotta do is fill it with water, shake, and then drink.

Once I finish a bottle, I wash it clean, and fill it with 2 scoops of 100%whey and keep for future use in the gym.

Read the Osmo Build Fast review here.

This pretty much sums up all the protein supplements I used. Just one last part remaining (I think), which should be the supplement planning guide part 7.

>> Click here for Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein
>> Click here for 100% egg protein
>> Click here for Pro Complex
>> Click here for Optimum 100% Natural Whey protein

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