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Sports Nutrition Guide - Part 4 Main Meals & Easy Cooking

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Easy Cooking and Nutritious Meals

I love to eat food, all kinds of food, but my favorite would have to be Chinese and Japanese. When I'm on a strict diet, I follow my diet 100%, and have one cheat day, which happens to be on saturday, since it works best for me.

Although I love to eat, I'm not a very picky eater, and luckily, I'm never big on snacks or sweets. ;-) So, when I refer to snacks in this diet and nutrition guide, I'm referring to clean snacks that provide good nutrition. In the section below, I'm going to list most the dishes I cook for my main meals, and as well, list their nutrition values.

In a nut shell, my main protein foods consist of salmon, pollock fish, chicken breasts, tiger shrimp, eggs, and pork. At the same time, I eat buckets full of greens. I love to eat veggies, and the big plus with vegetables is that most veggies have "negative calories". They don't actually have a negative calorie themselves, but rather, they provide very little calorie such that it takes your body more calories to digest the consumed veggies.

My Meals, Easy Recipes, & Nutrition Values

Most of my meals are very easy to cook, usually takes me less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook. I'll also share some simple things I do to make cooking easier for me.

Before I get into my meals and recipes, let's talk about shopping! Bulk shopping! If you're going to eat like a horse, you should consider buying from some wholesale store - you'll save allot of money in the long run. I do my bulk shopping about once a month, and my regular shopping on the weekends. Below is what I usually get:

  • Salon steaks (3bags X 2lbs)
  • Pollock Fillet (3bags X 2lbs)
  • Tiger Shrimp (10bags X 1lb)
  • Eggs - 15dozen
  • Chicken breast (10lb box)

These are the sizes the wholesale store where I buy sells at. Ok, let's get on with the meals.

In short, my meals usually consist of some type of meat for proteins, some carbohydrate food, and some greens - usually a large salad. I will list the dishes I cook often along with their nutrition values, you can just pick from them and combine them as you like. ie. a meat dish with some kind of green or carbohydrate food.

Note: I would suggest buying a weighing scale and measuring cups if you don't have one, they come in very handy.

Meat Dishes - Protein Sources

Pollock fillet  - 240g 
(Protein - 34.91 Carbs - 0  Fat - 5.59)
(Olive oil - 9.3g fat)

Cook with 2tbsp of olive oil on medium low heat until cooked. Shouldn't take longer than 5 to 7 minutes. For seasoning, use your favorite. I use this Lemon and Herbs seasoning from club house. Sprinkle on with a little salt. That's it! (Yeah, I'm not much of a cook, but this is easy, fast, tastes decent, with good nutrition content.) The olive oil may seem high in fat, but its all good fat.

Chicken breast - 150g
(Protein - 50.11 Carbs - 0.9 Fat - 12)

To cook it faster, I like to cut my chicken breast in half thickness. Cook with 2tbsp of olive oil, and season with your favorite spices, salt and pepper.

Salmon steak - 180g
(Protein - 42 Carbs - 0 Fat - 12)

Cook each side for 4minutes on medium low heat. I use my lemon and herbs spice with this, and also a wedge of fresh lemon.

Tiger shrimp - 175g
(Protein - 31.5g Carbs - 2.63 Fat - 9.3)

Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil on high, stir fry the shrimp with salt pepper, and 1 or 2 diced green chilies until cooked.

There are many ways to cook these different meats, and I'm not here to teach you to cook. But the above should give you a good idea of their nutritional values.

Carbohydrate Foods and Vegetables

  • Carrots - 125g (Protein - 1.2 Carbs - 12.3 Fat - 0.3)
  • Broccoli - 125g (Protein - 3.55 Carbs - 8.24 Fat - 0.43)
  • Garden salad 230g (Protein - 2.8 Carbs - 9 Fat - 0.3)
    Dressing - 2tpsp (Protein - 0 Carbs - 1 Fat - 12)
  • Sweet corn - 150g (Protein - 5 Carbs - 29.3 Fat - 1.8)
  • Yu Choi 250g - (Protein - 3.93 Carbs - 5.36 Fat - 0.36)
  • Celery - 50g (Protein - 0.41 Carbs - 0.85 Fat - 0.1)
  • Yam 100g (Protein - 1.54 Carbs - 27.86 Fat - 0.2)
  • Green Beans - 100g (Protein - 1.57 Carbs - 5.43 Fat - 0)
  • White Potato - 210g (Protein - 4.27 Carbs - 36.71 Fat - 0.17)
  • White rice - 158g (Protein 4.3 Carbs - 44.5 Fat - 0.4)
  • Red pepper - 75g (Protein - 0.67 Carbs - 5 Fat - 0.17)
  • White onion - 110g (Protein - 1.03 Carbs - 11.14 Fat - 0.1)
  • Cauli flower - 150 (Protein - 3 Carbs - 7.95 Fat - 0.15)

I ate salads most often, which consists of head lettuce mixed with small amounts of cucumber, tomatoes, and pineapple. I use Italian dressing with this, which is somewhat high in fat content - 2 tbsp of it contains 12g of fat; however, most of the fat are good fats.

To save time, I cut up a head of lettuce on the week end - along with sliced up tomato, and cucumber. I store them in a plastic container. When it comes to meal time, I just throw them together, and add the salad dressing.

With all the veggies listed above, it really depends on how you like your food and how you cook it. For me,

  • corn, yam, cauli flower, and broccoli were mostly boiled, and then served with salt and pepper. (Boring, I know.)
  • yu choi, potatoes, corn, white onions, celery, and green beans were mostly stir fried with salt, pepper, and green chilies

With the above protein, carb, and veggies listed, you can mix and match them to make full meals out of them, and of course, do your own thing, and eat what pleases your taste buds.

On saturdays, my cheat days, I usually dine out - although it's a cheat day, I don't go nuts and eat everything possible - it's a moderated cheat day, where I allow myself to enjoy more foods. Don't feel bad about taking a cheat day each week, it's not that big of a deal. It's not going to undo all your previous strict dieting. It'll help you add some variety, and more flavors into your diet.

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