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The"Other" Supplements - Continued

In part 2, we discussed briefly about key supplements which I always use as part of my stacks. Now, we'll cover all the "other" supplements I used during this 6 week run. Keep in mind, these supplements are not necessary by any means, and some of them are there just for "testing".

NO2 supplement - SportPharma Nitroxide (NO2)

Well I get alot of feedback on various supplements, and fat burners, and NO2 is definitely one of the most popular - it receives the most reviews from users. From all the hype and all the user reviews I've received, I decided to give NO2 a shot for this cycle.

So how did I make out with NO2? I honestly can't say that it did anything for me... Very disappointed, really... After so many positive reviews I've received from users (along with negative reviews), I was quite excited about trying this new NO2 supplement. I was really looking forward to the "perpetual pumps", which I didn't experience at all. This is just something I have to write off - I guess I'm just one of those people who didn't respond well to NO2 supplement.

This does not mean that NO2 doesn't work. Far from it. Well, had I not received so many positive feedbacks, I would most likely not have tried it myself. I guess it just didn't work for me.

Taurine - amino acid

Taurine is a semi-essential amino acid that's not as well known as some other aminos like glutamine; however, taurine plays an important role and is found in the heart muscle, white blood cells, central nervous system, and skeletal muscle. It plays an important role in metabolism, and is essential for new borns, since they cannot make it. Adults bodies can make taurine, however, when not enough is made, the deficiency can be corrected by supplementation.

Some benefits of taurine include:

  • It is a component of bile, which is needed for digestion of fats and control of serum cholesterol levels.
  • Some studies have found it to lower blood pressure
  • Taurine helps control the movement of potassium, magnesium and sodium, helping to maintain the cell membranes
  • It is a antioxidant and helps reinforce the immune system
  • It helps to strengthen the heart muscle, stabilize heart rhythm, and also prevents blood clots.
  • Taurine helps to guard against diabetes
  • Dosage of 2grams 3 times daily have helped people with congestive heart failure to improve cardiac and respiratory function

Weight Gainer - Prolab N Large 3

Although not necessary, weight gainers can help to put you up an extra few hundred calories each day. It's not wise to blindly take a few servings of any weight gainer with no regard for your overall nutritional planning, and daily calorie and nutritional intake. However, worked in around your nutrition plan, weight gainers can be a great help!

For example, during my 6 week program, I was on a 40-40-20, 2600 to 2800 calories per day. Which translates roughly to 270g protein, 270g carbs, and 60g of fat. Obviously, its very tough to get all this nutrition from solid foods alone, which is why you need to figure out what you're getting from solid foods, and make up the rest from supplements. This is how I worked out my nutrition plan for the 6 weeks. More on this later in the nutrition section.

I've always used Prolab's N-Large 3 as my weight gainer of choice. It tastes great, and mixes easily..

Read the N Large 3 review here.

>> Continue to part 4 - ribose and ZMA

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