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Beginner's Guide To Supplements - L-Glutamine and Weight Gainers (Part 4)

In part 3, we covered creatine and protein supplements, now we go on to L-Glutamine and weight gainers.

L-Glutamine Supplement

Compared to creatine and protein, Glutamine is probably way overlooked for its usefulness and benefits. Glutamine has an incredible amount of benefits that most people just don't know about, and supplementing glutamine is going to give you that extra edge for your workouts.

I've read some recent articles talking about some new research saying glutamine doesn't work... Well, if you ask me, glutamine works, and there's no doubt about it. Your skeletal muscles are 61% glutamine, and glutamine is 19% nitrogen, so you tell me whether glutamine works or not.

Glutamine helps with recovery, it's anti-catabolic (means prevents muscle loss), helps increase growth hormone levels, and it even helps with the immune system. This is just listing a few of its benefits. I won't go into too much detail about glutamine, since you can read these following articles for alot more detailed information on L-glutamine:

Glutamine information
Glutamine benefits and side effects

When it comes to buying glutamine, there really isn't too much difference between the many brands out there, unlike protein, or creatine. Glutamine is simply glutamine, a pure powder. Glutamine is mostly tasteless, with maybe a very slight taste to it, but barely noticeable.

Heavy Weight Gainer: Prolab N-Large 2

If you wanna put on a few quick pounds, then weight gainers is your answer. Especially for hard gainers like myself. So how do you gain weight? There's a simple formula, the amount of calories you take in must be greater than the amount of calories you burn in a day, and that's where weight gainers like Prolab N Large 2 come in.

Weight gainers has one purpose, and only one purpose, to fill you up with calories, calories, and more calories. Of course, all weight gainers has a standard lineup of ingredients like proteins, and alot of carbohydrates.

One thing to watch out for though, when buying weight gainers, you wanna check to see how big each serving is and how much calories, proteins, and carbs each serving has. For example, if you look at a weight gainer like Twinlab's Gainers Fuel 2500, each serving has 2150 calories, where as if you look at Prolab's N Large 2, each serving has only 600 calories. This, really doesn't tell you much at all, you gotta look at the serving size.

Twinlab gainers fuel serving size is 584 grams! That's over a pound of powder! A 9lb tub has only 7 servings. Prolab N Large 2 on the other hand, has 600 calories per serving, but the serving size is only 152 grams. So really, they all workout to be about the same amount of calories, its just that N Large 2 has a much smaller serving.

Of all the weight gainers out there, Prolab N Large 2 is on the top of my list. It tastes great (vanilla and chocolate), and it mixes easily unlike alot of other weight gainers. I use shaker cup, and I rarely get any clumps with N Large.

(Mixing tip: to prevent powder sticking and clump at the bottom of your cup, put some milk or water in the cup first, then put in your powder, then put in the rest of the milk. Then shake.)

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