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Bodybuilding Supplement Guide - Part 1

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Bodybuilding and Supplements

This guide will cover supplementation, weight lifting, and also diet and nutrition. We'll start with supplements, and in no particular order of importance - since every aspect is important for a successful outcome!

Before we even get into this subject, please keep one thing in mind: as the name suggests, "supplements" are just that - supplements. They're meant to supplement your workouts, and diet and nutrition. They're not some miracle pill that's going to achieve your goals for you - that, is completely up to you. Too often, I see people relying almost solely on supplements to get where they want to be, but it just doesn't work that way. Too many times, I have beginners ask me questions like: "will creatine make me big?" - the answer is a simple no... not if you don't have a good nutritional plan and a good workout program in place to stimulate the muscle growth. And so on...

Just remember that there are no miracle supplements; however, various supplements, if used correctly together with a good diet and workout, can help you achieve you goals, and sometimes, even exceed your own expectations.

Bodybuilding Supplements I Use

There are 2 basic categories of supplements: 1)regulars, 2) non-regulars. The "regulars" are basic supplements that I always have as part of my stack. Non-regular supplements are just various supplements that I like to "test" out, or something that I throw into the mix.

Below is a list of the supplements I used during my 6 week stack:

That's a long list huh? Well, don't get scared, because you don't need all of them. ;-) And I didn't buy them all in one shot either... I don't have that much money to spend. It's sort of like order after order, the left over stuff just adds up over time. So, what goes in the "regular" category, and what goes in the "non-regular" category?

"Regulars" - Supplements

These are supplements that I use all the time, or used the most often, and it includes:

Protein supplements - such as whey protein, protein blends, and egg protein. Of these, if I had to choose just one, it would have to be whey protein. Protein supplements are something that I always use.

Creatine - is always cycled. For me, I typically do 1 cycle of 4 to 6 weeks, and take 1 to 2 cycles off (4 to 8 weeks). And most often, I like to make my own homemade cell tech. You can see my recipe here.

Glutamine - this is another supplement that I always use, and never cycled. More on these later.


Everything else pretty much fits into this category, such as ribose, zma, tribulus, NO2, etc...

I should've made a 3rd category for supplements, and that would be health supplements, such as multi-vitamins and flax seed oil. But I'll get into all of these in a bit more detail in the later parts.

>> Continue to part 2 - Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine

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