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Sports Nutrition Guide - Part 5 Diet and Nutrition Conclusion

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This pretty much concludes my (rather long) bodybuilding guides. I had not intended to drag it on for this long. But hopefully you've picked up some useful information from these guides - from the supplementation guide to the weight lifting and workout guide, and finally to the diet and nutrition guide.

No matter how well you plan your supplementation, diet, and lifting sessions for the next few weeks, it's important to understand that you have to have the discipline to follow through on every one of these - and not have a 1 week of infatuation with your new schedule, and don't follow through for the rest of the times. This brings to the point of keeping detail records for each day, for your lifting journal, and as well as your daily food-intake journal. Write down everything you do during your workouts, and after each meal and snack, record the food you just consumed.

Look back each day and each week at what you've accomplished, both as a motivation, and as a way to gauge your progress and feel good on how well you've disciplined yourself and stuck with the plan! Take weekly measurements of your size and weight, and also take weekly pictures. When you look back, you will be quite amazed at what you can accomplish.

Diet and Nutrition Conclusion

I figured I will conclude this first, since the other two sections had their own finishers already. ;-) As far as diet and nutrition goes, keep these point in mind (with a goal of gaining weight and size):

  • feed yourself plenty and often - you should not go more than 3 hours without food
  • feed yourself clean food, food high in protein and good carbs - refer to the glycemic index article for good choices of carbohydrate foods
  • I may have neglected to mention this earlier, but drink plenty of water. While there is no set amount, you should always have a glass of water handy, and drink up as much as you can. You should know that protein synthesis requires a lot of extra water. Most recommend at least 8 glasses of water a day - I drink about 12 to 15 glasses a day. Don't worry about making too many trips to the can.
  • Write down everything (EVERYTHING) you eat throughout the day
  • Don't forget, you can always use the USDA food nutrition database to find the nutritional values. USDA food nutrition database.
  • Plan out your daily caloric requirement - figure out how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you should target for based on your goals and body weight. Refer to part 1 of the diet nutrition guide here.
  • Don't be scared of carbs! Don't buy into all this low carb non-sense and jump on the band wagon! Your body is made to work on carbs as fuel and energy, just be smart about what types of carbs you consume!

And get the Muscle Building Nutrition e-book by Will Brink. What I've written here in the diet and nutrition guides barely scratches the surface of nutritional science - Muscle Building Nutrition goes into much more detail than I am able to here, and you should find that a good read.

Supplements and Weight Lifting Conclusion

In the supplements section, we had covered quite a few different supplements, and I had grouped them into 3 categories: regular supplements, other supplements, and health supplements. The regular supplements category are supplements I use most often, such as whey protein, creatine and glutamine. Other supplements category are supplements that are worth trying, but not essential - such as NO2 supplements, tribulus, taurine etc.. Health supplements includes flax seed and a multi vitamin.

Update: Previously, I had been a solid believer in the fact that glutamine and protein supplements should be taken at least 30 minutes apart to maximize absorption of both, since the amino acids would fight for absorption. However, after some recent research and reading, I've learned that glutamine and whey can be taken together without competing for absorption. The original article on the AST web site which I first read about this had updated their research.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Take your whey protein during and post workout with water to allow fastest absorption, and take your protein (s) with milk or soy milk at other times of the day.
  • Take in a simple carb drink after each workout (ie. my homemade celltech recipe will do fine)
  • Keep your body fueled with food, snack, or a shake every 2 to 3 hours (you want to grow right?)
  • Make sure to allow time for at least one more solid meal after your workouts - you have a 3 hour window where your body is in an anabolic state, and you want to take advantage of this by feeding your muscles

Some key points about my workouts:

  • Focus on compound lifts - squats, deadlifts, and bench press
  • Rarely doing any isolation type of exercises like concentration curls, flies, etc...
  • Using heavy weights and low reps - using a weight that allows only 4 to 6 reps of strict form exercises
  • Low volume workouts - approximately 8 to 10 sets per muscle group - usually done with 3 different exercises.
  • Large muscle groups done before smaller muscle groups
  • Compound lifts done before anything else - meaning exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are done before other exercises for the same muscle groups
  • Record the sets and reps of all your workouts, and try to add a few pounds in the following workout

Keep in mind that its a common myth that lifting lighter weights with higher reps leads to definition, while heavy weights and low reps leads to size and strength. That's just a myth and nothing more. Definition does not depend on how many reps you perform, but how much body fat you carry - which is determine by your body type, genetics, and diet. It's your diet that will have the largest impact on how defined your look, not how many reps you perform each set.

Stop wasting your money on the advertising filled magazines. Go and get the Arnold's Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. It's a must have for anyone serious about bodybuilding.


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