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Part 2: Choosing The Right Home Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

So what is it that you're after? Is it fitness, toning, losing weight, or gain lots and lots of muscle? With so many different home gyms and various exercise equipment out there, you have an unlimited variation of what exercise equipment to use in your home gym. If you missed part 1 of our personal home gym guide, click here.

As I mentioned in part 1, I've been shopping the market for a home gym for myself. Strictly, home gym usually refers to those workout stations, but it can also be loosely defined as any mix of exercise equipment you use in your home. :) I already go to a gym several times a week, but I kind of wanted to do some stuff at home. So, I went shopping around. I knew pretty clearly what I wanted, and ultimately I based my decision on several key factors, which we'll discuss here, and in part 3: choosing the right exercise equipment for you home gym continued and Part 4: Choosing The Right Home Exercise Equipment

Choosing A Home Exercise Equipment: Factors to Consider

Because mass and strength is what I'm after, a 'conventional' home gym would not meet my needs, so I needed to get some specific exercise equipment. I knew exactly what I wanted - a power rack. On top of it, I wanted to get a set of olympic weights. So did I get it? Nope, you'd be surprised to find out what I ended up getting. Keep reading. ;-)

Again, here are some factors to consider when selecting exercise equipment for you home gym:

  1. What are your goals for this home gym, and what you hope to achieve
  2. Do you have enough room to place it
  3. What's your budget for a home gym
  4. Consider free weights vs. machines - what's better for you
  5. Consider weights based machines vs band resistance based machines
  6. Buying a home gym vs. going to public gyms

1) Your goals and what you hope to achieve from the exercise equipment

Different people has different goals. Mine were primarily for weight and strength gains. Yours will probably be different. So the first thing to consider is "what do I want out of my new home exercise equipment?" Is it weight and strength gain, lose weight, get fit, or simply just become more active? Consider these, and you're on your way to determining what's the best home exercise equipment for your needs.

For example, if you're after muscles and size, you're probably even better off just going straight to a gym. If you're after overall physical fitness, buying a power rack with 300lbs of weights isn't going to do you much good. And if you buy a total gym hoping to get huge from using it, then you're out of your mind. Makes sense, right? By the way, I had a total gym for several years, and you can read my review on total gym here.

2) Is there enough room for your new home exercise equipment

If you have a big house, then space is probably the least of your concerns. But for a lot of people, having room for their exercise equipment is a big deal, as it was for me. It's one of the main reasons I didn't get a power rack. Again, depending on what your goals are, you will need different types of exercise equipment, be it a sophisticated workout station, a band flex home gym, or even just a set of barbells and dumbbells. You gotta make sure you have enough room for whatever exercise equipment you plan on buying.

Many exercise equipment, or work stations can go over 10 feet (length and width), so measure out enough space, including some room for you to get around.

In part 3, we'll continue on with the other factors to consider when purchasing home workout equipment. Click here.

If you're shopping around for a home gym, take a look at what available from bigfitness. They have a nice selection and also offer free shipping within the U.S.

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