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Supplement Schedule - Daily Planning

We're pretty much done talking about all the supplements used, and now is time to figure out a daily plan for taking your supplements. Obviously, everyone's daily schedule are quite different, a students schedule will be very different from someone who works 9 to 5, or someone who works night shifts.

So, the sample schedule below is roughly what my daily routine looked like. I'm sure it's not going to fit for everyone's schedule, but it should be easy enough to adjust it to fit around your own busy lives.

It's important to try to get in 5 to 6 meals everyday - at least 3 main solid meals with snacks or small meals in between. Also, make sure to setup your schedule such that you will have at least 1 solid food meal after your workout. This means that you should not workout so late at night that you only have a protein shake after, and don't have time for another solid meal before hitting the sack.

There's about a 3 hour window after each workout, when your body is in a very anabolic state (muscle building), and it's during this time that you want to constantly feed your body good quality nutrition, which is why you must have time to eat at least one more solid meal before calling it a day.

Daily Supplement and Meal Plan

Here's what my daily plan looked like, in general. Obviously not everyday works out the same, but overall it follows this plan.



Multi vitamin x 1
NO2 X 3
Main Meal 1

Protein shake w/ milk *a

NO2 X 3

Main Meal 2

Homemade Celltech 5/35g (1 serving)


Protein shake w/ water - for during workout *b
Workout (Usually 45mins to 50mins)

  • Post workout - immediately after getting home
  • Homemade Celltech 5/35g
  • Ribose 2.5g
  • Glutamine 5g
16:00 Protein shake w/ water (2 scoop) *c
Snack (or small meal)
Main Meal 3
Snack (or small meal)
Snack (or small meal)
0:00 Pro complex w/ milk (1 scoop)


Glutamine 5g
Taurine 3g

*a - this is usually one scoop of nlarge 2, 1/2 scoop of 100% egg protein, mixed with 1 cup of milk (32g protein, 27g carbs, 2g fat)

*b - I take either an Osmo build fast with me, or use the empty container and fill it with 2 scoops of 100% whey mixed with water - for use during workouts

*c - 2 scoops of 100% whey taken about 30minutes after my homemade celltech - for food combining reasons. I'm really not too sure how much food combining principles applies here with dextrose (simple carbs) and protein supplements. But the basic idea is that proteins need an acid medium for digestion, while carbs require an alkaline medium for digestion. When alkaline and acids mix, they neutralize each other, and you get half-assed digestion of both carbs and protein. Again, I'm not too sure how applicable food combining is for this particular situation, but I've stuck with this for sometime, and it seems to work well for me. Many others usually will just take their protein shakes together with their carbs at the same time.

** - I mix all my shakes with a turbo shaker. Very easy to use, and saves me a lot of hassle compared to a blender. If you do use a shaker bottle, make sure to put in the liquid first and then the powder - this helps with mixing. You can get a shaker bottle here.

Well that pretty much sums up my daily schedule. Should give you a good idea of when to take what and how much to take. In the diet and nutrition guides coming up after the training guides, daily food and caloric intake schedule will be covered in quite a bit more detail.

Supplement Guide Summary

Okay! That brings an end to the supplement guide section, and boy, was it long... Yeah, quite a bit longer than I expected, so I presume the training and nutrition guide will be pretty long as well. ;-) Now, let's quickly put everything in perspective:

"Regular Supplements" - The big 3 here are whey protein, creatine, and glutamine. These 3 should be the basics of any supplement stack, everything else comes secondary.

"Other Supplements" - Everything else fits in here. Some are worth trying, and some, well, are questionable.

"Health Supplements" - The only two which I use regularly are flax seed, and a multi vitamin.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Take your whey protein during and post workout with water to allow fastest absorption, and take your protein (s) with milk or soy milk at other times of the day.
  • Take in a simple carb drink after each workout (ie. my homemade celltech recipe will do fine)
  • Keep your body fueled with food, snack, or a shake every 2 to 3 hours (you want to grow right?)
  • Make sure to allow time for at least one more solid meal after your workouts - you have a 3 hour window where your body is in an anabolic state, and you want to take advantage of this by feeding your muscles

I guess this pretty much sums things up. I hope you learned something so far, and hope i haven't bored anyone yet. There's still 2 more sections to go.

Regular Supplements:

>> Click for Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey 5lb
>> Click here for Prolab Creatine, or Micronized Creatine
>> Click here for Optimum L-Glutamine
>> Click here for 100% Egg Protein
>> Click here for Pro Complex
>> Click here for 100% Natural Whey Protein

Other Supplements

>> Click here for MRI NO2 Black
>> Click here for Prolab N-Large 3
>> Click here for Taurine
>> Click here for Tribulus Terrestris
>> Click here Optimum ZMA
>> Click here for Ribose
>> Click here for Luna Energy Bars
>> Click here for AST Multi vitamin
>> Click here for Flax seed supplements