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Selecting The Best Home Gym Suited To Your Needs

So, you're combing the market for the "perfect" or best personal home gyms that's gonna meet all your needs, and perhaps even your whole family's needs. I know how tough this can be, since I've been shopping for one myself for the past months, and y'know what? I still haven't bought one yet... Biggest reason is I need more space in my current place. :-( So I've been lugging myself to the gym and back several times a week, which I don't plan to stop doing even after I buy myself a nice home gym. :-) Nothing can really replace the motivation and the atmosphere a real gym provides for you workouts.

What Are The Best Personal Home Gyms For You?

The biggest lure of buying home gyms is the convenience and privacy that a home workout station offers. When buying home gyms, everyone has different goals and purposes, and to buy home gym equipment that will best fit your needs, there are some key factors you need to consider:

  • What are your goals for this home gym, and what you hope to achieve
  • Do you have enough room to place it
  • What's your budget for a home gym
  • Consider free weights vs. machines - what's better for you
  • Consider weights based machines vs band resistance based machines
  • Buying a home gym vs. going to public gyms

The above are some of the key points I considered while shopping for a home gym for myself. If I missed anything, feel free to let me know. :) I'd be happy to add it in. We'll discuss each point in more detail in the upcoming parts of this "personal home gym" series. Click here for part 2: Best home gyms guide: considerations when choosing an exercise equipment.

Personal Home Gym Advantages & Disadvantages

Now lets take a quick look at some advantages and disadvantages of owning a home gym:

Home Gym Advantages:

  • easy access, right in your home, and convenient
  • you have the privacy of your home
  • great for general fitness, but not for serious muscle building
  • gives a decent overall body workout in a relatively small area
  • relatively versatile
  • does not require a spotter (in most cases)

Personal Gym Disadvantages:

  • can get very, very pricey (great weight loss for your wallet)
  • can never replace the atmosphere and motivation a real gym provides (if you're after great muscle gains)
  • you have much less room to move around
  • you're severely limited for what power movements you can do (like squats, bench, dead lifts)
  • it's a plain pain in the ass to assemble when you get it
  • there's a much greater tendency to be lazy and slack off working out at home (I think most would agree on this with me. )

Please note, some of the advantages and disadvantages are coming from a point of view of gaining muscle mass - mainly my point of view. You could be in a very different situation, and some may not apply. :)

In this home gym series articles, we'll take a look at a few home gyms, and hopefully compare a few. :) Click here for part 2: Best home gyms guide: considerations when choosing an exercise equipment.

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