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Coenzyme Q10 - CoQ10 Health Benefits

Co Enzyme Q10 - Co Q10 Information

Coenzyme Q10 is found in every cell in your body, and CoQ10 is critical in the production of energy within each cell in the human body. Co Q10 is essential for the health of cells, tissues, and organs, and Co Enzyme Q10 acts as part of another class of substances - enzymes. The role of enzymes is to facilitate, and act as an catalyst for countless chemical reactions in the human body.

Coenzymes like COQ10 facilitates the activities of enzymes. CoEnzyme Q10 has powerful antioxidant effects, and destroys free radicals in your body. CO Q10's role in energy production has particular importance for athletes and bodybuilders. CoEnzyme Q10 helps the body's energy production in the form of ATP.

What Is CoEnzyme Q10?

An Enzyme has 2 parts - a protein and another part that's either a mineral or a vitamin. When this "other part" is a vitamin, it's called a coenzyme. Co Enzyme Q 10 has a similar structure to vitamin K, and it acts as a catalyst in various chemical reactions that leads to the production of energy - namely ATP. More on ATP and creatine here.

Your body stores enough ATP that will sustain rigorous activity for 5 to 8 minutes, and ATP must be constantly produced. For this to happen, your body needs a good supply of CoQ10.

The heart and the liver contains the highest levels of CoQ10 in the body. Quoting Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, "If there is just one thing you do to help maintain your heart's health, make sure you're taking CoQ-10 daily." Something to watch out for is the statin drugs that so many people take to reduce cholesterol can inhibit CoEnzyme Q10 production in the body. Statin drugs like Lovacol, Lipitor, and Mevacor inhibit the production of Co Q10 enzyme, and can be a threat to your health in general, and particularly heart health - since your heart has the highest concentration and need for Co Enzyme Q10.

CoQ10 Health Benefits

Supplementing CoQ10 has many health benefits. Co Enzyme Q10 is not only an antioxidant, it can also help with a number of diseases such as diabetes, gingivitis, congestive heart failure, and more. Take a look at some of the CoEnzyme Q10 benefits:

  • Co Q10 can help weight loss because it helps stimulate the body's metabolism
  • CoQ10 is an essential substance in cell respiration, electron transfer, ATP production, and the control of oxidation reactions
  • CoEnzyme Q10 plays a key role in treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, including congestive heart failure
  • CoQ10 has show promising results in treatment of cancer and parkinson's disease, and Co Q10 has show to slow the effects of parkinson's disease.

Co Enzyme Q10 Studies

Studies have found that as we age, our body's supply of CoQ10 slowly diminishes. Young and healthy individuals produces about 300 mg of coenzyme Q10 a day, but levels begin to decrease after age 30. In a study published in the Oct issue of Archives of Neurology, effects of high doses of CoEnzyme Q10 on the progression of parkinson's disease was reported.

80 patients with early parkinson's disease took various doses of CoQ10 or placebo four times daily for up to 16 months. The study found all participants who took Co Enzyme Q10 did better than the placebo group. The results were especially noticeable in the highest dosed group (at 1200mg a day) - the study found that the progression of parkinson's in this group slowed by 44% compared to the placebo group. Participants in the 300 and 600mg dose groups had about 20% slower progression of parkinson's compared to placebo.

Various other studies have also found supplementing CoQ10 to help with congestive heart failures, angina, and also helping to lower blood pressure.

Dietary supplementation for adults taking Coenzyme Q-10 should be between 30 and 90 mg per day. Higher amounts maybe prescribed by a physician for more serious illnesses.


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