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Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Acne Treatment

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Benefit

Vitamin b5 is probably the only vitamin you may not be deficient in. There is a small amount of pantothenic acid found in almost every single food you eat daily. Pantothenic acid is found throughout living cells in the form of coenzyme A (CoA), a vital coenzyme in numerous chemical reactions.

Your body needs pantothenic acid to convert the food (fat, carbohydrates, and proteins) into energy. However, another important reason for you to have efficient Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid in the body is that it may help you to heal the wound caused by any kind of injuries. Administration of pantothenic acid orally and application of pantothenol ointment to the skin have been shown to accelerate the closure of skin wounds and increase the strength of scar tissue in animals.

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Acne Cure

In a study published in 1997 by Dr. Lit Hung Leung, high doses of Vitamin B5 resolved acne and decreased pore size. He also stated that CoA regulates both hormones and fatty acid, and without sufficient quantities of pantothenic acid, CoA will produce androgens which causes fatty acid build up to be excreted through sebaceous glands causing acne. The study gave 45 Asian males and 55 Asian females varying doses of 10-20g of pantothenic acid (100,000%-200,000% of the US Daily Value), 80% orally and 20% through topical cream. Leung noted improvement of acne within one week to one month of the start of the treatment.

Quoted from Wikipedia on Pantothenic Acid Acne Treatment:

Today, many companies offer Vitamin B5 supplements aimed at reducing acne. The recommend treatment course, however, can be perceived as difficult and expensive. Many sites suggest starting off the first three days with 5g and then moving up to 10g a day for three months. Since the largest pill available is 1g, this can result in as many as 10 pills a day or more if smaller pills are taken. Furthermore, after three months many users suggest decreasing to 3-5g a day, with some claiming 1 g/day is sufficient.

Critics are quick to point out the flaws in Dr. Leung's study. Dr. Leung's study was not a double-blind placebo controlled trial. To date, the only study looking at the effect of Vitamin B5 on acne is Dr. Leung's, and few if any dermatologists prescribe high-dose pantothenic acid.

If you're looking for vitamin B5 for acne treatment, you can get Jarrow Pantothenic Acid 500mg (100cap bottles) for around $6 bucks. From personal experience, I highly recommend trying DermaKlear Akne Zyme, which is an optimal combination of various vitamins that are beneficial for treating acne problems. I have used Akne Zyme for quite a long time now with very nice results. Although I had a light / mild case of acne problems, after about 4 weeks on Akne Zyme, my acne problems improved greatly, and skin complexion also improved. Although I still get the occasional acne, it's much better than before, and I continue to  take 2 caps of akne zyme every morning - perhaps until the day I no longer get acne? (who knows when that will be.)

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Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Benefit

The fats and carbohydrates you eat get turned into energy you can use with the vital help of pantothenic acid. To be exact, you need pantothenic acid to make two crucial coenzymes: coenzyme A (CoA) and acyl carrier protein (ACP). The synthesis of essential fats, cholesterol, and steroid hormones requires CoA, as does the synthesis of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, and the hormone, melatonin. Heme, a component of hemoglobin, requires a CoA-containing compound for its synthesis.

Metabolism of a number of drugs and toxins by the liver requires CoA. The acyl-carrier protein (ACP) requires pantothenic acid in the form of 4'-phosphopantetheine for its activity as an enzyme. Both CoA and the acyl-carrier protein are required for the synthesis of fatty acids. Fatty acids are a component of some lipids, which are fat molecules essential for normal physiological function. Among these essential fats are sphingolipids, which are a component of the myelin sheath that enhances nerve transmission, and phospholipids in cell membranes.

These enzymes help you use fats and carbs to make energy; you also need them for making some important hormones, for making healthy red blood cells, and for making Vitamin D. They are so important that just about all the pantothenic acid you get from your food is immediately turned into CoA and ACP.

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Recommended Acne Treatment Product - Akne Zyme

There is an acne treatment product made by enzymatic therapy which contains various vitamins and minerals in optimal ratios beneficial for acne treatment and also promotes a healthy skin called Dermaklear Akne Zyme. A bottle of 90caps wills last 45 days, and costs under $12 dollars. I've used Akne Zyme with good results, and still use it today.

Give it a try, it's inexpensive, and many others have reported good results with Akne Zyme. You can read user feedback on Dermaklear Akne Zyme here. I would also recommend using Akne Zyme for at least one month, and longer is even better. Typically, I go with 2 bottle supplies which lasts 3 months.