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Coral Calcium Supplement, Coral Calcium Benefits and Research

What Is Coral Calcium?

Simply, Coral Calcium is just calcium; however, coral calcium has an advantage over other types of calcium - marine coral calcium has a wide range and optimal mix of major and trace minerals. It contains calcium, magnesium and trace minerals, and the ratios of these minerals matches the human body's ratio perfectly.

Why make such a big deal out of coral calcium? Well, calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth - pretty common sense, right? But did you know that it's also needed for healthy muscles, nerve function, and that calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body? 99% of the calcium is found in bones and only 1% in the rest of the body; however this 1% is the most important as it is necessary for all bodily functions.

Coral Calcium Research and Studies

There have been many studies done on Coral Calcium, below are some highlights.

Coral Calcium Research 1: In a study conducted by Tokyo University of Agriculture, the absorption of coral calcium was tested. 12 healthy individuals were fed coral calcium added crackers (calcium 525mg) and calcium carbonate added crackers. The 2 types of crackers were ingested on 2 time periods with a 3 day rest in between. The research found coral calcium to have significantly higher absorption as expected. The magnesium content of coral calcium crackers were 252mg compared to only 42mg of the calcium carbonated crackers.

Coral Calcium Research 1: In a study published in Japan Nutrition and Food Society, 4 kinds of calcium were studied: 1) Coral calcium, 2) calcium carbonate, 3) milk calcium, and 4) cow bone calcium. (The tests were done on 4 month old lab rats.) The study found the coral calcium group had the highest value of reserved calcium, and the coral calcium group had the highest absorption rate at 69.6%. The Coral Calcium group also had the highest value in HDL (good) cholesterol than the other 3 groups.

Coral Calcium Benefits

When its all said and done, it all comes down to how is Coral Calcium going to benefit you.

Here's a quick overview of Coral Calcium benefits:

  • Coral calcium has an optimal 2 to 1 ratio of calcium and magnesium, and it also contains trace minerals in perfect balance
  • The calcium, magnesium and trace minerals balance is in natural proportions to the human body
  • Coral calcium has the best absorption compared to other forms of calcium
  • Coral calcium has the highest HDL (good) cholesterol density
  • Coral calcium balances your pH levels for better health
  • Helps strengthen bones and teeth
  • Cleanse kidneys, intestines, and liver while breaking down heavy metals in the body
  • Coral calcium helps boost the immune system

In a nut shell, there are greater advantages to supplementing coral calcium compared to other forms of calcium.


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