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Renovate Revitalize and Restore Yourself With Medicinal Herbs!

By: George L. Redmon, Ph.D.N.D.

Many athletes use traditional herbs for special or general effects as well as new derivatives of plant substances that deliver a powerful array of performance benefits.
                                                                                    Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield

Robin Landis the author of Herbal Defense states that health maintenance was meant to be a simple task, by giving the body a lot of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t and the body will run itself. When you compare this analogy it definitely speaks volumes as essentially to build a sleek lean powerful and healthy body this mantra or theme has to take center stage. By omitting this step the road to greatness or whatever your goals are will be without a doubt be full of disappointment and unfilled aspirations. Within  the context of the above statement it suggest that giving the body a lot of what it needs means the input of proper nutrients at the right time, following scheduled workout routines, rest , reduced stress, and a host of a thousand other possibilities or protocols that  must be carefully planned and  adhered to.

Realizing this you by all chances have covered the above and other bases like clockwork. However,  as stated above by Dr. Fredrick Hatfield  who is the co-founder and President of the International Sports Science Association, herbs are powerful medicinal agents that offer an array of benefits. In fact, dynamic attributes that  have for centuries excited the most astute biochemist, botanist and herbalist. Today organizations like the American Botanical Council headed by its Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal  have provided the platform that has brought herbal medicine from a underground entity to its current role in mainstream medicine and the general populace.

Conversely, because of what you do and the extensive daily regimen you follow there are many side bars or problems that can crop up and derail your progress. This is where Ms Landis’s comments really resonate as medicinal herbs offer you a safe and effective way to help you minimize those negative sidebars  that are as you know just part of the territory.

Negatives like fatigue, delayed onset muscle damage ( DOMS), inflammation, mental fatigue, joint pain, strains, digestive issues, and so on and so on. The goal of this report is to introduce to you to a variety of herbal options for a assortment of performance issues that can be utilized for short intervals to get you back on track and or just simply keep you in the game.

Despite the fact that herbs have taken a back seat in reference to many of the more high impact  products like creatine,  growth hormone and nitric oxide precursors and  whey protein, besides medicinal attributes, many herbs  have known anabolic capabilities. Dr. Earl Mindell, a pharmacologist and supplement pioneer states that herbs are nature’s original medicinal workforce!  They however at times forgotten allies within the athletic, fitness and body building community.

What Are Herbs

A herb is classified as flowering plants whose above ground stem doesn’t become woody, and has compounds or biomarkers that have significant medicinal properties. Herbs have the ability to capture the energy of sunlight and are intimately involved with the human bioenergetics process. They are often referred to as being pharmacologically alive, so much so that over 50% of the drugs on the market today have been derived from a plant ( herb) source. For example,digitalis a well known and utilized heart medication is derived from the Fox Clove plant, while aspirin is a chemical remake of salicin a chemical compound found in the herb white willow bark. Simply put, the majority of drugs on the market today are copies of natural constituents found in various herbs.

The Synergistic Nature of Herbs: Natures Safety Net

One of the advantages or the most compelling reason for there use in comparison to drugs is the fact that herbs are synergistic. This concept refers to the ability of a group of substances together having a more profound impact of it’s intended actions. For instance the combination of Siberian ginseng , gotu kola, bee pollen and cayenne, may have  a more powerful impact on depression and boosting energy levels than any of  these herbs individually. The other scientific fact behind this premise centers on what could be referred to as nature’s intended medicinal law of use. What this refers to is the fact  that in cases of minimal dose ranges and not the supped up dose ranges that medical monograms or the active ingredients medications are formulated from , herbs are packaged via nature with corresponding substances that offset the negative aspects of a particular herb. For instance, ephedrine found in the ma huang plant can cause high blood pressure in some sensitive individuals. However, when the whole plant is used studies show that this negative aspect of ephedrine is greatly diminished. Conversely, the renowned botanist and herbalist Steven Foster who is the author of 101 Medicinal Herbs  stated that herbalist believe in using the whole plant or its major parts as they offer benefits more subtle and powerful than using only their isolated chemical compounds.The synopsis below outlines some of the attributes of many well known herbal supplements.

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